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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Im currently a Grade 12 student from Chongqing Maple Leaf School, China, and our class has just finished one of the Grade 12s novels The Song of Kahunsha. Its my honor to illustrate my experience to you about reading books. My classmates and I find that the language of the novel is quite easy to follow and to be honest, I feel shock still now. Anosh Irani uses the protagonist, Chamdi, who is about the same age as us in the novel, helps us feel more than others.

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Anosh Iranis novel The Song of Kahunsha for future instruction and inclusion into the grade 12 BC curriculum, because the novel does not suit grade 12 classes in my opinion. The book, The Song of Kahunsha is set in the Bombay riots of India in 20 centuries and is a book which has strong strength of religions.

As a result, this has no connected with British Columbia curriculum and our view is too narrow to studying other cultures except the Canadian history So, in my opinion, it is better to include books like Of Mice and man which connects to Canadian history, rather than studying other countrys culture. As a foreign student, I would like to study more about Canada, anything, because a year later, I will arrive there to start my university studying. Moreover, under the situation the book set up, a ten years old naive boy, Chamdi, has to face the brutal and endless violence all alone.

It is not good to know the darkness of the world for Grade 12 students because we are the rising sun, and we need to see the brave future. On the other hand, the hope is limited by the darkness in the story. For instances, in chapter 11, Chamdi lied to Anand Bhai, You lied to me, says Anand Bhai, So hold your tongue out and slice it off. When I read this part, I am shocked by the bloody words coming out of Anand Bhais mouth. It is still too brutal to let a child to face a punishment like this, and it sending readers message that evil bullies innocence.

And also in chapter 10, when the bomb landing on the temple, It is Sumdi, face down, his back torn open and Sumdis mouth is bleeding. What a bloody situation. In the Song of Kahunsha, Innocence is presented as victims who only deserve painfulness and is powerless to defend. Under attack of violence, innocence does not have the strength to fight back, and I feel upset that thousands youngsters are living in this kind of situation. The story end with gloom; the hope of Kahunsha is being demolished by this brutal world.

Nothing to dream about in Anosh Iranis novel and the pessimism lasts at the end of the story, Jesus would have been of any use right now. Jesus always stayed in silent. (Chapter 9) Chamdis failure is shown on the fade of his dream. I feel so weird at this point that innocence does not have a chance to stand up to achieve success instead of being the slave of evil. I feel angry about what Anand Bhai has done to Chamdi, but the story just ended there. My heart hangs on the midair once in a long time. Generally, it is a violent book which does fit Grade 12 students.

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