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Published: 2020-02-20 09:52:57
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Wiccan traditional covens are formed thru male-female pairs thus making an obstacle for single members. The traditional practice do not however make any moral judgments about homosexuality according to Sanders (1987). The traditional covens criticize male-male or female-female pairings that is often seen as dangerous, in producing a mutually productive balance and is viewed as outside the mainstream Wicca. The understandable criticisms of traditional wiccans on the radicalism attached to gay members practicing wicca spins around the roles of a traditional heterosexual family as related by Curottt (2005).

Traditional craft says that there is impossibility in working magic for two men in a gay relationship according to Salomonsen(2002). Though homosexuals cannot be barred from wicca, traditional values bar them from high ranks on the basis of sexual orientation. This contrast is an apparent reason for members to shy away from the pressures brought about by their own original group and join others or start a solitary practice. Like other religious denominations, the wiccan practice has formed dissenting opinions from other members and groups.

This is highly conceivable considering the groups lack of a centralized organization that commands a theological doctrine as a guideline for every practitioner. Like other religions, those who do not conform to the standard form their own sub-groups in order to liberalize them from the restrictions created by their own organization. Naturally, the mainstream aspect of the practice is retained as evidenced by the unified stance of Mary Anne, Sheila, Cris and Carol who vehemently denied any incorporation of evil practices and witchcraft into the wiccan religion.

I firmly believe that the Wiccan practice as a religion depends upon a persons moral and religious convictions. Most practitioners are happy with their practice because they are afforded the freedom to entertain their beliefs. The mere intolerance for hatred which is liberally taught and positively interpreted in wicca as the acceptance of other individuals is an ethical basis that any religion should uphold.

Most likely, the lack of a centralized organization mandating doctrines of practice enables a group or an individual to freely incorporate or deviate from their belief and rituals without the pain of ridicule. Further, the lack of a centralized body reaping the benefits acquired from religious practice prevents conflicts from escalating which often results in a major religious disintegration. Wicca, as a religious practice teaches acceptance, love for nature and life.

We can always distinguish that other religious denominations despite a strong stance against wicca have incorporated the age-old neo-pagan practices of the wiccan culture in their own beliefs. We do not have to enumerate the similarities which certainly show that the wiccan practice has long evolved even before man learned to integrate religion and culture into their social lives.

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