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Published: 2020-02-08 09:00:18
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Camera focuses in on SHAH, he is angry, theres a gun to his chin. Camera pans down his right arm, hes holding a gun to PARKERS head, hes concentrated, the camera pans down his right arm, hes holding a gun to LOUCAS temple, hes shitting it. Camera pans down his left arm, hes holding a gun to SHAHS chin. The camera goes round the circle two times, then reverses and ends up back on the original shot. When the camera is panning, it goes quickly down the arms and pause for a few seconds on each of the characters faces. SHAH Parker you fuck, how could you set me up after all weve been through.

PARKER How bout you shut the fuck up, I know it was LOUCA that set us both up. LOUCA You know it werent me parker, I wouldnt do that to you, SHAHS been on the take the whole time. PARKER BOLLOX, WHERE WERE YOU? LOUCA + stutters + SHAH + interrupts + PARKER it was you, give me one reason why I shouldnt kill you now. DOOR BURSTS OPEN ODONOGHUE- You fucking cunts set me up + Pauses + What are you doing 187 lockdown by kung fu, tune kicks in as matt says thirty¦. Bass kicks in as camera cuts to group playing cards NARATIVE SHAH Thirty minutes ago we were all mates, now look at us.

Right old mess this turned out to be, it was meant to be the easiest job in the world. Camera cuts back In time to the same room, LOUCA, SHAH and PARKER are all drinking and playing cards round a table. Camera whizzes around showing drinking shots, smoking cigars and joking about. LOUCA after too many shots slumps on his arm, as the camera stop whizzing around. SHAH + PARKER are drunk. SHAH cuts the deck without looking what card he gets and sticks the card to his forehead, its the ace of spades. PARKER does the same, he gets a six. Music quietens so dialogue can be heard easily.

SHAH I bet you a ton PARKER Fuck it, make that a monkey SHAH Youre on buddddy Both blow cards off forehead onto the desk. BOTH YEAH MATE! PARKER Nah mate I won SHAH You cant get better than a fucking ace, especially not a six PARKER Ace counts as one, you cant start on fucking two. SHAH Fuck it nobody wins, same bet, new cards. But this time ace is fucking high PARKER all Right SHAH cuts the pack and sticsk a card to his head King of hearts PARKER Oh fuck PARKER cuts the pack and sticks his card to his head, An ACE SHAH OH FUCK! Both blow cards onto table at same time, As PARKERS phone rings SHAH pushes LOUCA onto the floor in disbelief.

LOUCA groans PARKER Shut up you twat Im trying to take a phone call here PARKER looks at his phone, it reads SMITTY PARKER Shit, its that Irish wanker SMITTY SHAH Fucks sake Music stops completely PARKER Hello SMITTY Hello Parker, I got a job for yous, PARKER oh have you now, last time we took a job off you we got a bag of sand for a relatively difficult mission, LOUCA here got his nose broken, and were still fucking wanted for it. SMITTY Oh No no, its completely different, Im not in the dairy business any more.

Oh no, this jobs strictly to do with diamonds, cash and cocaine. PARKER Ah, sounds more like our type of shit SMITTY SMITTY I knew you laddys wouldnt let me down, ill send a man called ODONOGHUE down to brief you. Hell help you out. PARKER Hangs up Camera cuts to ODONOGHUE standing on a corner looking shady, shows SHAH, PARKER and LOUCA approaching. ODONOGHUE Alright boys, its like this Camera freezes on him NARATIVE -SHAH-We had two jobs to do that day, the first was intercepting some diamonds being smuggled in from south Africa.

PARKER The second SMITTY assured us was to be even easier than the first. A Woman was carrying a briefcase with 10kg of uncut cocaine and i?? 250,000 in cash at 1300 hours at the PLACE. All we had to do was get the case. Track11 OSJCD2 Camera cuts to ODONOGHUE, SHAH, PARKER and LOUCA in a hiding place, shows us watching two men walk from either side of a field, meet and shake hands. LOUCA Do you think its them? SHAH Of Course its fucking them, Two dodgy cunts here at this exact time, shaking hands PARKER What do you think their fucking doing, exchanging phone numbers LOUCA Its a possibility SHAH Twat.

ODONOGHUE All of you shut up + stands up, fires one shot, one man falls down, he fires another shot, the other man gets struck in the legs screams and limps around. He reloads his gun and finishes him off.  ALL Random swearing All run down to the scene, SHAH takes the velvet bag of diamonds, ODONOGHUE gets a envelope full of cash. POLICE SIRENS Music stops SHAH COZZERS! PARKER LETS SPLIT, well rendezvous at the next pick up point Caned and Unable Hi Gate All split in every which direction Camera cuts to LOUCA sneaking up on the next pick up point, He sees hidden blokes who dont see him, and immediately turns and runs.

LOUCA Fuck this Im out of here Camera shows PARKER walking into the pick up point, he gets surrounded and GANSTER #1 grabs his shirt GANSTER 1 Wheres my fucking ice! PARKER I aint got a clue what your talking about + pushes him away+ Camera cuts to SHAHs view, over shoulder, he sees parker talking to these strangers and shadys himself abit, says to himself SHAH What the fucks parker doing with those boys, Turns round to get hit by a cosh in slow motion caned and unable kicks in on impact, you dont see the attackers face, he takes the diamonds and runs off, camera shows SHAH lying unconscious.

Camera goes back to PARKER PARKER Search me up, I aint got fuck all mate They search him up and find a gun GANSTER 1 What you doing with a shooter PARKER Well you cant be too careful these days GANSTER1 +Pauses for a second to think + This must be your lucky fucking day son, now get out my site PARKER runs off and says PARKER What the fucks going on Camera cuts to SHAH unconscious, he wakes up, realises he doesnt have the diamonds, then subtly leaves Camera cuts to ODONOGHUE who walks blindly into the trap.

GANSTER 1 Search him Caned and unable stops ODONOGHUE oh shit Camera cuts back to the room, LOUCA is in there, PARKER walks in and puts his gun to his head. PARKER You fucking snitch LOUCA Whaa? SHAH walks in and puts his gun to PARKERS Head, then LOUCA puts his gun to SHAHs head and says LOUCA Wheres the fucking diamonds Then we edit back in the original scene with the triangle of guns, in between each speaking part we show ODONOGHUE walking back very angry, very bloodied, talking of revenge.

After SHAH says again Give me one reason why I shouldnt kill you now Camera shows ODONOGHUE kicking the door in from his point of view goes black for 2 seconds. camera cuts to GANSTER 1 GANSTER 1 At least we got our fucking money back Diesel power starts Camera pans to some random man, view from behind walking alone tossing the velvet bag up and down, he jumps up in slow motion and kicks his heels Diesel power kicks in he carries on walking at normal speed with swagger, Titles roll up A Tom Morgan + Matt Brown film.

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