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Published: 2019-11-19 04:40:31
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You are a top executive in your corporation. After careful consideration, you were selected to work on a project to use MIS to change the way business is run. In a group of 5, you will be responsible for researching the practices in your industry, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the industry, and make an innovative plan to use MIS to improve on current practices. Finally, you will be required to submit a typed report and deliver an oral presentation to the board of directors following these guidelines: Your report MUST include the following side headings:

1. History and Background (provide detailed information about the industry, past and present business model/practices, the industrys strengths and weaknesses) 2. Target Customer (identify the target customer in terms of age, gender, income, location, needs¦etc. Have your customers needs changed over the years? Are all their needs fulfilled? Is there a gap between customers needs and market offerings?) 3. Competition (who is your competition? What are your plans to ensure that you are steps ahead of your competition and how will you respond to changes in the competitive environment?) 4. Survey and Results (you are required to design a survey to help you with your project. Be sure to include a copy of your survey questions, sample size, summary of results, and recommendations)

5. Proposed Use of MIS (explain how MIS will benefit your industry/corporation. Provide details of the benefits and challenges of using MIS in your industry/corporation) 6. Implications (what are the implications of the suggested use of MIS on the industry?) 7. Financial Benefits (what are the costs and financial benefits of using your proposed plan? Explain the impact on revenue, fixed costs, variable costs, initial investment, training, implementation, customer acquisition, customer retention, and customer satisfaction) 8. The Future (what changes do you foresee in the future of your industry/corporation? How will you respond to changes in technology, processes, competitive environment, customers taste/needs, economic environment¦etc.?)

The purpose of your research is to a) provide you with an opportunity to learn more about a specific industry and the current processes used b) Identify opportunities to use MIS to change how business is run and improve on current business practices.

All group members must participate in the preparation of the written report and delivery of the oral presentation. Do not read directly from your report (you may use index cards to remind yourself of important points), face the audience when presenting. Allow time for questions from the audience and be prepared to answer them. Audience members must be prepared to ask questions also. Your report must be TYPED, double-spaced, use Times New Roman size 12 font for body of report. Include a cover page (with all group members names, title (Industry/corporation), date, presented to: Prof. Eshra) and a correctly formatted references page (APA) for all sources used (minimum of 5 different sources).

Prepare a minimum of 10 PowerPoint slides to use when presenting your report. Before your due date, you are required to submit a printed copy as well as an electronic copy of: 1. Your report (10 pages minimum excluding cover page/table of contents/references) April 6, 2013 2. PowerPoint presentation (minimum 10 slides)-Submit on the day you present Be as creative as you can to capture the attention of your audience (use of multimedia, original digital pictures, short videos is encouraged).

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