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Right at the bottom of the page the companys reminder about data protection act can be found. The bottom of the letter is a tearaway slip which has a unique background colour of pale blue. The purpose of this letter is to inform the customer about their bonus claims about their life insurance. The letter is brief and formal. The letter consists of a tear away slip, which takes most of the space on the page. The letter text consists of few paragraphs explaining the how to contact the company about any queries regarding the customers bonus claims.

The letter is related to a bonus claim is has a reference number below the address. The letter is generally written in a simple form allowing any one to read the letter and understand it. The letter is split in to two main parts one being the main letter, which has all the text and images and the other being the tearaway slip which is on the letter if any contact details are incorrect. The letter needs a few improvements. Currently there is no background colour for the letter making it boring and making it less important. If the letter had colour, it would allow the customer or person reading it remember it.

Generally all of the components are properly located on the letter with the image and text being in the right location. Also the unique thing is that the companys contact details are in a different place then other letters. Other improvements could include making the companys slogan more effective by using colour and a border around it that will make it stand out and look effective. Currently the letter is eligible because of the simple language used with in the letter. Also the letter is set out in simple manner allowing the letter it be understood easily and is precise to the point.

If the language changes, this will make the letter hard to understand and can put of some customers. The instructions for the tearaway slips are easy to understand allowing the customer to follow them easily. The Britannia Life statement has the logo situated in the same place as in the letter. The logo is in the top right hand corner of the page. The logo has the companys colours included init being royal blue. The logo consists of a shape that is a rectangle and text saying the companys name. The date cannot be found on the statement. The companys colours are used in the logo as well as the background and in the table.

The background colour of the statement is pale blue. The cells in the tables with the headings of the columns have dark blue background. In the middle of the statement the address of the customer can be viewed. On the left of the customers address there is some text explaining a telephone number, which could be used by the customer if they do not understand any thing or have a query. Below there is a big table taking most of the space on the page. The table consists of seven columns. Right at the bottom below the table there is an important notice explaining the company and explanation of the headings.

The purpose of the statement is to give the customer information on the current state of their pension funds for the future and the bonuses they have received. The statement also informs the customer of the basic profit and any other new bonus received. In the table all the details about their pension are given including the total basic profit benefit. The Britannia Life statement is easy to understand, as there is no complex language used at all. Mostly it consists of figures and values. The statement is formed of two main parts with the top half consisting of the logo and contact phone number.

Also the top half of the statement has the contact address for the customer. The other half of the statement consists of the table, which holds vital information relating the customers pension policy and any bonuses they have received. The statement is set out to landscape format. The Britannia Life statement could not really be improved as the table uses all of the space wisely. The statement is clear and easy to understand. The main thing that could be changed is that the companys contact details should be shown allowing the customer to contact the company easily with out any hassle of finding contact information.

The statement has clear headings and values with big points size making it easier by any one to understand unintelligent or unilliterate. The statement currently is really simple made up of tables that divide all the details in to areas. This makes it really simple to understand the costs and bonuses received by the customer on their pension. The background colour around the table makes the table stand out making it simpler to understand the details. Analysis Alliance Leicester has their logo in the same position on letter and the statement being on the top left hand corner of the pages.

But AXA has its logo in the middle of the page, right near the top on the statement and on the letter. Both companies use their company colours in the logo. First of AXA used dark blue and red in their logo and Alliance Leicester use orange and blue in their logo. The last company Britannia Life has its logo in the same position on both documents being on the right top hand corner. However all of the companys have situated their logo in different places on the top of the page and all of the companys logos can be recognised by the companys colour being used in them.

The Alliance Leicester use a unique layout on their letter as it consists of a line separating the actual letter and some advantages in big point size in bold on right hand of the page. While the AXA letter is simple with only text on it related to the actual letter its self. Also the AXA letter has a lot of free space with the Alliance Leicester letter being more compressed. Overall the Britannia Life is different as it has a tearaway slip making it different from them all. The letter also has space available near the top half of the letter but the bottom of the letter is depressed for space because of the tearaway slip.

Generally the Britannia Life letter is simpler to understand then the Alliance Leicester and AXA letter because of the complex language used throughout. All of the letters have the customers address, which is a standard piece of information in the correct place being on the left hand side of the page just below the top of the page. The dates can be found on all of the letter but in different locations. First of all the date on the Alliance Leicester letter is situated on the top right hand side. The date on the AXA letter is found on top right hand side nearly the same position as the Alliance Leicester date.

But the date on the Britannia Life letter is found in different location, which is situated above the address on the left hand side of the page. All of the letters have contact details of the organizations on them. Two of the letters have them generally in the same position. The two letters that have the contact details in the same position are the Alliance Leicester letter and the AXA letter. The difference of the contact details is that the Alliance Leicester contact details have a background colour being bright orange but the AXA contact details do not have any background colours or patterns.

The Britannia Life contact details are totally in a different position, which is on the top right hand of the page just underneath the logo. The Alliance Leicester letter consists of bullet points as well text. The text has different sub headings to make it easier for the reader to understand what each section is about. But the other letter from AXA and Britannia are simple letters with one overall heading explaining what the whole letter is about and purpose. Those letters do not have any special formatting used with in them for example the bullets points in the Alliance Leicester letter.

Different types of information can be found at the bottom of each letter. First of all at the bottom of the Alliance Leicester letter we can find the contact details as well as the copyright trademark act. Consequently only the contact details can be found on the AXA letter. But on the Britannia Life Letter at the bottom the data protection act details can be found informing the customer about how the company regards and obeys the act at all times and explaining to the customer that their personal information is safe with the company.

Britannia Life Letter is the only letter to have an image on it none of the other letters have an image on them. The statements are all different with only two statements having the date on them being from Alliance Leicester and AXA. All of the statements use tables in them. The most tables are used in the AXA statement to show all the details about the motor insurance customer details. However in the Alliance Leicester statement the table is used to show the payment due amounts and dates. A big table can be found in the Britannia Life statement, which takes mostly the space on the statement.

That table is used to show something totally different from the other statement. It is there to show the bonuses and policy information about the pension funds. All of the statements show the state of different things. The Alliance Leicester statement shows the state of the current account of a customer and shows the payment due dates. The Alliance Leicester statement informs the customer about their credit limit and how much credit limit they have available. The Alliance Leicester statement has a slogan but the AXA statement does not have a slogan.

However the Britannia Life statement does not have a slogan but the letter does in a different position being on the top left hand side of the page. The AQA statement shows renewal details of the insurance. It has details of the company and drivers. The details can be found in the tables that have colour used in the cells with the headings same as the Britannia Life Statement table. The Britannia Life statement informs the customer of the state of their bonuses and pension policies with figures and numbers making it easier. The statement does not have a slogan unlike the Alliance Leicester Statement.

All of the statements have contact details found on them but all the contact details vary. The only contact detail found on the Britannia Life statement is a telephone number on the top left side of the landscape-formatted page. But on the AXA statement the contact details can be found at the bottom also in the top table, which has a telephone number. The contact details in the Alliance Leicester statement can be found on the top right hand corner. The contact detail is a telephone number and an address. The Alliance Leicester has colour used on it in the logo and a background behind where the credit limit is shown.

But the only source of colour on the AXA statement is the colour used in the logo and in the cells, which contain the headings. There is no background colour used. Alternatively in the Britannia Life statement colour is used in the logo. There is also colour used in the background through out the page. Colour can be found in the cells in table, which contain the headings for the columns. The Britannia Life Statement also has a picture in the background of table showing a bridge none of the other statement has an image in the background.

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