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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Description: A proposal to modify Exercisco Fitness Club in Pokfulam, the location has been proposed to Baguio Villas. This location has been chosen because the area is very clean and there is a large population and this would be an advantage because there is more market share, and there would be more potential customers. The location is also good because there is a major project developing (cyber-port). This would be an advantage for the business because it would give it a good reputation.

Plus this is another advantage because there is less competition and Baguio Villas is a very scarce place. The new technology applied to the Fitness center would in theory increase the customers attending the club. The club would easily keep a record of the customers joining and leaving the club. Plus the new system would be able to pinpoint specific addresses for business purposes. E. g. if a customer has not paid the bill for a month. Also the club would let members interact in fitness courses if they prefer and they would be able to purchase different materials connecting to the course.

Address: 59th Mount Hermon Rd,5th floor Krono Plaza, opposite Glon Canyon Rd Telephone: 25849843, Fax: 28394785, Manager Mobile: 91234534 How the business could use the following: Databases: The business will use this to record all the members data and personal phone numbers etc. And also if they are a regular fitness members. Also the database will ensure that the different courses which members attend. And also if they would want to purchase some material concerning the course Spreadsheets: The business uses this to record all my annual or monthly results so I can see if I make any profits etc.

Web Sites: The business uses this to help people sign up as a member online so they dont need to travel to the center to obtain the form. And also any special offers or any special events Image Creation: The business will use this to format my images to suit posters and web sites etc. And also I will use image creation to produce and format a logo unique for the business Desktop Publishing: The business will use this to create posters and newsletters for members and maybe also forms for people who would like to become members.

History: The business has been recently opened. To be exact the business was first formed 4 months ago. The business has not succeeded very well compared to its predicted cash flow rate. This is because the business has not been able to keep a stable record of the time and number of customers who come and go from the Club. But the has started to release that without technology it would be very hard to cope with the expanding competition around the country and the world. The types of customers targeted are spilt into 2 categories.

Day time customers and Evening time customers. This is because since Hong Kong is a large low unemployment country customers, a majority male, will travel and work. This meaning that since the males or females who work will be off on their jobs there would be a less customers coming in at the day time. So the best thing to do is to target mostly house wives or else young adults. But in theory at the evening there would be more customers because the customers who arrive from their jobs normally tend to travel to a fitness club.

Overall adults will the type of customers who would most likely attend the Fitness club. The role of the receptionist is to welcome people into the fitness club and also take phone calls and entrance fees etc. The receptionist also checks members ID and handles the database to record the revenue coming into the business. Instructors The role of the instructors would be to train the members who preferred to have instructors rather than working out sole. Also the instructors would be trained in medical so they could aid people if a situation arises.

Managing Director The role of the managing director is to run the day to day of the business this meaning he/she would motivate the employees and give feed back to the Board of Directors, and the managing director would receive feedback from different departments in the business and make decisions. Cleaners The cleaners have been contracted from a different business, this saves the hassle of employing individual cleaners by the business. Accountants Analysis of ordering system

When a member first enters the fitness club and wants to work out, the staff asks for the membership card, they identify the number from their notebook (which consists of the members name last name alphabetically and their membership number). Then the staff asks the member to fill out the table on their record book consisting of the Members name, membership number, time checked in and their signature. When the members finished, they sign-out and record their time on the book. Also the staff will collect the members card, and they give back to the member when theyre done with theyre work out.

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