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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Beatrice said, Whatever happened, we all done it in one of the final scenes in Arthur Millers play A View From The Bridge. I disagree with the above quotation, in my opinion, only three characters are to blame. Those being Eddie, Catherine and Rodolfo. Many factors became culpable for Eddies downfall in the concluding scene, such as his obsession with Catherine, Catherines flirtatious behaviour, the arrival of Rodolfo and so forth. Yet, many of these factors evolve around the character of Eddie. Therefore, if I had to point a finger of blame at one character alone, it would be Eddie.

In the beginning of the play, our initial response to Eddie is that he dominates the household. He provides a father figure for Catherine, as he doesnt want her to expose herself to the attention of other men in their community. Eddie shows a lot of interest in Catherine and her appearance, he informed her of how she was walkin wavy and that her skirt was too short. The way Eddie made his opinion known and how his obsession affected his lifestyle, is obviously going to have a negative effect on him for the rest of his life. Catherines effect on Eddie soon jeopardised Eddies relationship with his wife, Beatrice.

Eddie tried to please Catherine, whilst he became quickly resentful when talking to his wife. We can tell immediately of how this situation cannot stay this way, some event will have to occur for Eddie to make up his mind about who and what he wants. When the submarines, Marco and Rodolfo are introduced, Eddies jealous streak and competitiveness both become evident and culpable for the hostile welcome he greeted the cousins with. Rodolfo made an immediate impact on Catherine, who showed a lot of interest in the illegal immigrant.

Catherines interest in Rodolfo and Rodolfos feelings for her infuriate Eddie. Eddie seems jealous and unwanted to a certain extent. Eddies blunt attitude towards Rodolfo spells trouble, as we can tell at some point this will come to a head. For example, Rodolfo begins to sing, much to the pleasure of Catherine and Beatrice, but Eddie interrupts this and tells Rodolfo to, wait a minute. This seems as if Eddie doesnt like Rodolfo entertaining, especially singing this song that could well have been aimed at Catherine.

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