Admire: God and Long Black Hair Essay

Published: 2020-01-21 01:11:30
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Everyone has his own idol. They can be a singer, film-star or superrich person for example. But to me, my mother is the person I love and admire the most. My mother still looks quite young although she is forty now. She possesses a little fat figure, round face, and a long black hair which is naturally straight to her shoulder. However, those are not the impressive things that draw peoples attention, but her figure and her eyes. She looks rather small and thin. To look at her, you will never think that she has been a mother of three children although she doesnt dress gaudily or fashionably. My mother has very deep sad eyes which are watery. That reminds me of a lake on a stormy day.

I love her for her sacrifices to the family. She loves us very much. She never gets angry with her children. She teaches us how to become a good person and how to distinguish good and bad things. Besides she is also a good cook. So I never missed a family meal. She works very hard from the early morning till late at night. I never think that any woman could manage to do such an enormous amount of work like that. I am indeed very indeed proud of my mother. To me, she is not a good wife but a good mother as well. By looking at her small figure and the way she works hard, it is easily that she is trying her best to bring all the good things to her children, the only source of joy left in her life. Thanks God for having given her to us, the most priceless gift I have ever had.

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