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Published: 2020-02-24 09:52:43
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The lack of education has always been the barrier for some people to become successful in life. Striving for excellence would come as a challenge for some, while others would take it on the more positive note and work harder. As a young individual, I had my own share of dreams, which included becoming someone of great importance to society. In addition to this, helping people and being of service to others became one of my preferences in life. I felt that education should be given for free to those who need them the most.

Then I came to a conclusion that my quest for further education would only be satisfied if I acquired an EdD in Education from the Roosevelt University. Working hard and being pressured with the numerous work loads have never hindered me from accomplishing what I do best. Being of service to others became gratifying from my end, and seeing children become educated through my acts made it more pleasing to the eye. I believe that my academic background has surpassed those of others. With my will and determination to succeed, I took all the necessary educational requirements deemed by my chosen profession.

I acquired my Bachelors Degree in Management from the University of Illinois at Chicago in YEAR. Eventually, my quest for more education was heightened, with more goals and plans in life. I moved further by acquiring my Masters Degree in Secondary Education from the Roosevelt University. It is in the latter where I became very much comfortable with the people. All were accommodating and the campus was such a delight. Furthermore, I believe that the institution could cater to my needs as an aspiring professional. This also prompted me to continue my education at the Roosevelt University.

Roosevelt University has been the stepping stone of many in order to become successful in their chosen profession. Aside from success, the university aims to make its students well rounded individuals, fully expressive of their thoughts and emotions, inclined towards progress, and rooted towards the betterment of society. I was impressed at how such characteristics could be imbibed in students through involvement in this profession. In addition to this, the university also trains its students to become good leaders and responsible citizens of this country.

I believe that the thrust of the school is my greatest weapon in making it big. For this, I do not have any other school in mind but the Roosevelt University. Moreover, I believe that my experiences in life would contribute to the betterment of my chosen career. I have a special inclination for the Behavioral Sciences, and I am currently employed as a teacher at the Maine West High School. I could use such inclinations to inspire students to stay in school and achieve their goals. Furthermore, the exposure I have with students could help me to improve the level of participation teachers have with their students.

In addition to this, I would be able to point out to teachers the areas of education that they need to focus on in order to make sure that students receive the necessary knowledge they need. However, being in an administrative position also entails a lot of hard work and determination. There will be times when the different programs instilled on teachers for the classroom setting would not be as effective as planned. Such circumstances would definitely test my patience and dedication to my chosen field.

I would make sure that I would be able to analyze each problem and use my experiences and knowledge in improving the teaching qualities of the people involved. In this fast and changing world, change is necessary from time to time, and should be done for the betterment of both the students and the educators, alike. In this regard, I believe that specializing in my chosen field could only be acquired through hard work and dedication. Working as a teacher helped me to gain numerous experiences that would be beneficial for my chosen profession.

However, more hard work and dedication are still needed in order to be successful in life. Acquiring an EdD in Education did not come easily. I had to make sure that all steps taken would lead to the betterment of my career. Furthermore, I also took into consideration the several points needed in improving my leadership skills. As an aspiring leader, I had to make sure that each step I take would be geared towards both my success and that of my chosen profession. After the course, I expect to have a better understanding of how people learn.

This would help me to further improve the curriculums set for each level of Secondary education. Furthermore, I would be given the free hand to make the necessary advancements needed for each level. The fast and changing world entails educators and administrators to always be updated with the advancements and current events that happen every day. Also, being updated with such would come to my advantage for I would be able to assist teachers in preparing the modules that would cater to the curiosity of students that is geared towards a better education.

For such, I would make sure that I would be able to monitor the different activities set by each teacher, and make sure that they are able to do their job properly. In addition to this, the education would also help me to become a competent leader to my peers, and a respectable person in my chosen career. My goals in life do not end after I have acquired my degree from this university. I believe that the quality of education that this university would provide me with would become pivotal in my hopes of making it big in this profession.

Through hard work and dedication, I aim to go up the levels of success and someday become an educational administrator. I would start off as a department head for Secondary Education, and then work my way up until I become a principal. Towards the end of my career, I plan to become part of the school board and affirm the need to improve the organizational framework of schools. Taking it one step at a time is my way of keeping myself rooted while improving the quality of education this world has to offer. Lives is short so let us make the most out of it.

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