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Published: 2020-02-20 10:12:10
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We always think only one question, what is the advantage of reading? There are many reasons people should read. People should read because it helps them to improve in English. It helps them to be a better reader and it helps people get better jobs. For these reasons people should read books.

First of all, Reading helps people to learn English and improve in English. For example, there are many words we dont know so when we read a book, we learn these words. If we dont know the meaning of the word we are going to write it and then look it up in the dictionary, which helps us to learn new word and meaning of the word.

In addition, Reading helps people to get a better reader. For instance, in school you have to read better otherwise you cant pass ESL or regents. Also reading is one way that helps you to write a better essay. For example, when you read a book, it helps you to get new ideas and when you get new ideas you can use all these ideas and write a better essay.

Reading helps you get a good job. For instance, if want to get a good job you have to read better because if you get good job there are many things you have to read aloud in front of other people so if you cant read they are not going to hire you because you dont know how to read. If they hire you they have to lose lots of money because nobody come to their company all people that they hire they dont how to read, they dont understand people what they explain them.

In conclusion, I think reading is very important. We have to read otherwise we cant succeed in the future. Reading is very important. If we dont read books we cant learn better English, if we dont learn English we cant get better job. Many people think that reading is not so important. I think they should think more.

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