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Contribution of American to the Philippines

1. Independence America helped the Philippines to eliminate the Spaniards in the country thus helping the Filipinos to end the suffering from the Spanish reign. This was the first step of the country to stand on their own and start a new beginning. 2. Government -we adapted and patterned some of our constitution with the Americans. 3 Sports Filipino favourite sport had been basketball, and other foreign sports instead of the national sports which is sipa. 4. Western style of clothing this was also adapted as it is evident with the radical change from the conservative Maria Clara to the daring trends of fashion of the modern era

5. Communication The Americans brought English, the lingua franca of the modern world 6. Principles progressive liberal ideologies such as egalitarianism, democracy and equality 7. Education they endowed an educational system patterned after that of the U.S. They sent educators in the Philippines which are known as Thomasites. However, American style of re-education was amero-centric in nature, causing Philippine society to self stigmatize itself in favor of American-centered products and ideologies.

Effects of American Colonization in the Philippines.

Effects of American Colonization in the Philippines.The effects of American imperialism on the Philippines are numerous. Some, however, stand out, most notably the installation of an American-style democracy and the prevalentattitude that anything American is good. Many of those in lowland Philippines, and most of the Christian population, for that matter, grew up in an increasing Americanizedsociety. The following American influence in the Philippines says it all:

1. Government -Partisan politics was one of the influences of the Americans on our government. Partisan politics means a politics that is devoted to or biased in support of a certain party, group or cause. Another effect of Americans in the government is the implementation of municipal elections. But after the creation of bicameral legislature, the election in the Philippines turned to be like the election of the Americans. Electors began to spend a lot just to win the election, and they began to think of their own personal welfare instead of the welfare of the Filipino people.

Thus many of the Americans political practices were soon found in the Philippine archipelago. But this doesnt mean that Americans contributed negative effects on our government but instead we learned the intricate machinery of the government, we learned how to make and governs laws. 2. Religion -During the Spanish colonization, the Filipino people were forced to convert their religion into Christianity (Roman Catholic). But after the colonization of the Spanish, Americans came and changed the religion into Protestantism which was the religious beliefs of the Americans. But later on, the Americans adopted the Roman Catholic Christianity after its invasion in the Philippines on July 4, 1946. Another is the establishment of the Iglesiani Cristo Church by Felix Manalo.

And Jehovahs Witnesses started to preach from one house to another. 3. Economic and Livelihood -The economic development of the Philippines under the Americans can be attributed to free trade relations that the Americans imposed upon the country. Philippine products were also allowed to enter American markets free of duty within quota limits. 4. Arts, Culture and Tradition -Filipino people began to adopt the American fashion statement using hats, long sleeved clothes and long sleeved polo inside it with matching neck ties for men. Another is the art of Oil Paintings which is the process of painting with pigments that are bound with a medium of drying oil. Red Blood Paint was also introduced which is a dark paint, also known as alizarin crimson school.

5. Transportation -A lot of transportation was introduced by the Americans to the Philippines, some are submarine, caretellas, railways, ancient bull carts, cars, etc. 6. Social Structure -Americans introduced the three class-models which includes the rich (wide array of elite groups), middle class (ambiguously defined social classes) and the poor (group that suffers from poverty). 7. System of Education -Schools were built for the Filipino citizen that teaches about the good formation including the rights and responsibilities of each person.

American Colonial Policy

They promised to train the Filipinos in Democracy and Self-Government. They want the Philippines to stand on its own as a free and independent nation. They shared power with the Filipinos in the government. Human Rights were protected. They developed the economy, improved hygiene and sanitation, and introduced the public school system.

Contribution of Americans to the Philippines

1. Ecomonic Progress:
Population Explosion
New Land Policy
Agriculture Increase
Free Trade America
Business Flourished
New Industries
Improvements of Transportation and Communication
Better Budget
New Banks
International Exhibitions and Meetings

Economic Problems( NEGATIVE)
We sold our raw materials cheap and bought expensive manufactured goods from America.
Colonial Mentality
Labor and peasant unrest spread in 1920s and 1930s
American Capitalists and businessmen controlled the new companies.
Filipino values like pagmamano was replaced by saying HI or HELLO.
Filipino food like bibingka and suman were replaced by American food like hotdog and French fries.

Other American Contributions

Religious Freedom
Training in Democracy
Free Education
Better Health Service
Introduction of the English Language
Free Press
Democratic Family Life and Social Classes
Emancipation of Women
Recreation, Movies, Theater, Arts and Science
Contribution of Spanish to the Philippines

Education- Science Entertainment
Agriculture- Manner of Dressing- Architecture
Spanish Names (Trece Martires, La Trinidad,Aurora, La Union,Nueva Ecija)
Arts, Music and Literature (folk dance)
Language(nanay/nantl, tatay/tatle,abokado/avocado) Religion(roman catholic)
Food (afritada,Estopado,Escabeche, pastel de lengua)

Spaniards introduced different forms of entertainment like:
Cockfighting- Flores de Mayo
Moro- moro- Santacruzan
Zarzuela- Duplo
Balagtasan- Different form of card games
Reasons for Colonization: The 3 Gs (Spanish)
GOD the conversion of natives to Christianity
GOLD- accumulation of gold or wealth
GLORY- supremacy of spain over potugal as a superpower

Social and Cultural Influences of the Spanish
The natives refused to cast off their indigenous cultural heritage and accommodated European art, literature, rituals and practices only after some modification. Use of Gregorian calendar

Alphabet- dressing- burial pratices- wedding practices
Changes in names- adoption of fiesta-cuisine
western architecture (cottas or fortress, churches modified Romanseque style, antillen house
Language( chavacano,cebuano)
Painting (Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo)
Sculpture (retablos, relleves carved images in relief)
Graphic arts (estampas, La Illustraccion Filipina)

Negative features of the Spanish Colonial Government in the Philippines

The indigenous population was relocated into settlements while conquistadors, friars and native nobles were granted estates in exchange for their services to the King, They were given the privilege to collect tribute from its inhabitants. In return, the encomienda were to provide military protection to the inhabitants; however, the system was abused and was largely replaced by administrative provinces by 1700.

The encomienda system of government used by Spain was disliked by the inhabitants, which resulted in uprisings. A system of forced labor was also a result of the encomienda system of government. Encomienda was a legal system that was employed mainly by the Spanish crown during thecolonization of the Americas to regulate Native American labor.

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