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Published: 2020-02-21 09:00:23
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Ethno quest: Getting There

1.) I will be in Amopan for 1 year, the reason being is in order to accurately observe a full annual cycle of Amopan village life, which will allow me to make reasonable documentation of their ways of life and culture. 2.) My total budget is $11,270 U.S dollars.

3.) the proposal took 6 months to get approved the reason being because there were over 200 proposals submitted that needed to be reviewed in depth, and only 20 were carefully selected to funded. 4.) The exchange rate between U.S dollar and Mexican peso is 10pesos to $1.00 dollar. However todays current exchange is 13.25 pesos to $1.00. 5.) Amopan is Northeast of Mexico City

6.) It was a good idea to have contact at the regional university of mexico in Mexico city because I have someone familiar with the country to help me with my field work by being able to organize someone to pick me up at the airport as well as assist me in arriving at my final destination. I was also provided a video of B.E Radcliffe working in Amopan in 1965, which will further help my research. If i didnt have the assistance I might find myself struggling to reach my destination or finding the local areas. 7.)It was good to have a letter of introduction from the president of the municipal because it helps answer any questions or solve any problems someone might have if I get stopped along on my journey. It will help people know what I am doing and why I am here. 8.) I made a few preparations for my trip.

They were packing the right luggage and gear, making reservations for planes and busses, as well as long term budget planning, and making sure I was bringing the right equipment. I also spoke to appropriate people for information and help. 9.) In my knapsack I included a map and a overall field guide that included an identify of people I meet and speak to and tips that could prove helpful for my research. I also brought family photos to show that I too have family in case I needed to prove my civility. 10.)The elevation for Amopan is 1000 meters which is 3280.84 feet.I used the conversion chart in my knapsack to get the information. 11.) the population for Amopan is 532, I saw this on the sign that welcomed me to Amopan. The sign had the elevation as well as the population.

12.) Bronsilaw Edmund Radcliffe-Ptritchard was another anthropologist that was studying the Amopan in 1965. He also created a census for the Amopan, documenting characters he conversed with and how they helped and what they did. He also had a map that he drew of the Amopan village.

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