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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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When one goes to an amusement park they usually set out to be thrilled by riding all of the newest attractions. At a park youll find many diverse people. But in reality, the people that go there can be grouped into three different categories. There is the individual that knows every minute fact about every roller coaster ever made. Then, there are small children that have to stay in kiddy land. Finally, there are the fanatic families that are there for just a day. These three categories are the roller coaster guru, the under sixty-two-inch club, and the non-stop ride until you drop family crew.

The roller coaster guru knows every minute fact about every roller coaster ever built. He travels to theme parks all over the world just to be one of the first park goers that experiences a new roller coaster. It doesnt matter how long the line to a coaster may be or how short the ride itself may be; the roller coaster guru will do anything for the rush of a coaster. Like some are addicted to drugs, hes addicted to riding roller coasters. If you talk to him it will seem he only takes pleasure in roller coasters and nothing else.

You might say he lives and breathes roller coasters. However, not all park goers can ride roller coasters, whether it is they get sick on them or just dont care for them. The under sixty-two-inch club is unfortunately banned from all real rides, including roller coasters. This is due to their short stature. You will often find these little people in kiddy land watching longingly the over sixty-two-inch club being exhilarated by all of the actual rides. While most of the members are children, dwarfs and midgets also apply.

The unfortunate parents of these children try to console and comfort them, but the children just dont understand why they are stuck in a world of such un-thrilling rides, when they can hear the screams of excitement coming from just beyond the fence. One day their time will come and they too will be inducted into the non-stop ride until you drop family crew. The non-stop ride until you drop family crew goes to an amusement park for a one-day family getaway. The second they enter the park they put their pre-planned agenda into effect, running into all different directions.

All day long they ride every ride they possibly can, no lunch or bathroom breaks allowed. They have one mission and it is to ride every ride in the entire park in just eight short hours. You should not try and befriend any of these ride-thirsty people for they will cut you in line and may become incredibly precarious. They must waste no time, because they want to be the first on and off every ride so they can complete their mission on time. Many different people can be found at amusement parks.

Theme parks may seem like harmless places to the naked eye but with a magnifying glass everything is scarier than originally thought. These three categories of people are found at every park: the roller coaster guru, the under sixty-two-inch club, all the way to the non-stop ride until you drop family crews. Beware of the fanatic families that will stop at nothing to complete their task, the infuriated children being deprived of all the excitement, and the roller coaster experts who will stop at nothing to attest they are the best of their kind!

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