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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Amy Lowell was born on February 9, 1874 at Brookline, Massachusetts. Her parents were Augustus Lowell, a prominent businessman and Katherine Bigelow Lowell. She was the youngest among the five children and she was first educated at home by an English governess. Her first education is not successful since she suffered difficulties in spelling. Amy Lowell studied in a series of private schools in Brookline and Boston.

Two authors, John Johnson Lewis and Jean Gould described her school performance as She was far from a model student (Lewis) At school she was the terror of the faculty (Gould). She was a very mischievous child and always looks forward to having vacation with her family rather than go schooling. She never shown any interest in writing when she was studying. Nobody would think that this mischievous girl who has spelling errors would make it to the top and become a great writer in th future.

From her familys travel to different place like Europe, New Mexico and California Amy always carries a travel journal where she enjoyed writing while traveling, She was enrolled in subjects which taught her different languages and literature like English, French and a little Italian. As Lowell later noted, My family did not consider that it was necessary for girls to learn either Greek or Latin (Damon). Her formal education was described by her as not amounting to a hill of beans (Benvenuto).

Her formal schooling ended in 1891 and she celebrated her 18th birthday. Aside from her writing capability, Lowells popularity was also because of her skills in dancing and how she converse with other people. Sadly, having higher education was not a must for her family and so she strive hard by having self study by means of reading from the 7,000 volume library of her father and also taking advantage of the Boston Athenaeum (Lewis). From here she began to collect books that last until her death.

Aside form her book collections, Lowell was also fond of socializing in parties and going to theaters. She traveled to different places in able for her to meet people who will aid her in writing. She discovered the Imagist movement and learned about imagism and free verse poem. She was acknowledged as the first American woman poet to see herself as part of a feminine literary tradition. Lowell made a great impact on American poetry by her continuous innovations in writing and her unending support for other poets.

People from all ages adapted her work, and her life became an inspiration to other people. She was able to make her identity as a poet by enthusiastically being involve in the printing, design, marketing, and distribution of her poems. Lowell gives us a glimpse of a dynamic cultural movement in which poetry captured the publics attention and in which poets appear to be consciously marketing tastes and constructing audiences.

my Lowell emerges as a major presence: a popular lecturer, a best-selling poet, a prolific literary critic, and a market-savvy businesswoman. Works Cited: Benvenuto, Richard (1985). Amy Lowell Damon, Foster (1935). Amy Lowell. A Chronicle with Extracts from Her Correspondence Gould, Jean (1975). Amy: The World of Amy Lowell and the Imagist Movement Lewis, John Johnson (2006). Amy Lowell 23 February 2008

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