An argument in favor of pro choice abortion for women with unwanted pregnancy Essay

Published: 2020-02-12 05:21:29
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Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy by the removal of a fetus or embryo before it is able to survive on its own. An individuals position on abortion is their own value system, most often there are two sides. Pro-life, which believe that a fetus should never be extracted and it is considered murder, and pro-choice. Pro-choice is the view that a woman should be able to choose for her own body and her own personal views. A woman should be able to choose herself if to get an abortion, someones religion should never change this. Also, an abortion can stop an unwanted birth, and are better legally done and regulated than done illegally.

Religion is what most peoples reason for not believing in pro-choice. People believe that an embryo is considered a baby in the Bible, and that would be murder. But at what point is a fertilized egg considered a baby? In the bible, they continually state that no matter what stage, a woman who has a fertilized egg is pregnant with a child. Most medical websites state that after 8 weeks, the main organs begin to develop and work. Still, the abortion is required to be done in about 12 weeks. At this time, reflexes havent been developed and most tissues and organs havent finished development. This is not a child, these are living cells inside a human body.  People dont protest about exfoliating cells, so why cant women abort theirs?

Abortion stops unwanted birth. Nowadays, people are stupid. Everyone makes terrible mistakes, like getting pregnant when they cant afford another mouth to feed, or havent graduated high school.  In extreme conditions, abortion can stop a woman giving birth to a child she didnt consent to. Abortion can be the best answer, even if it is hard to choose over other resolutions. Rape culture is a thing, there is one sexual assault every 107 seconds. A person who is in this poor situation may not want to have their child. But, it is up to the woman involved.

If abortion is illegal, unsafe and unregulated ones will happen. A person doing this lacks the skills and safety that a trained professional has.  For example, an unsafe abortion may refer to an extremely dangerous life-threatening procedure that is in unhygienic conditions. The WHO states that there were 42 million pregnancies were voluntarily terminated in 2012. Of which, 20 million were unsafe. About 68,000 women die annually.

Abortion is the ending of a pregnancy by voluntary means. Pro-Choice is what should be allowed, and accepted everywhere. A womans body is her own, and she should be able to use her own value system to make her decision. Pro-Choice should not be discouraged because of religious beliefs. An abortion can stop an unwanted birth and is better legally done than illegally. Her body her choice.
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