Analysing an Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestly Essay

Published: 2020-02-20 12:20:26
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In the closing scene of the play the main focus is on Eddie and how badly he wants his name back and he is willing to do anything to get it, even kill if he has to. When Rodolpho comes and kisses Eddies hand, it is showing that Rodolpho is willing to settle for half, which links back to Alfieris prologue, this demonstrates the fact that Rodolpho knows he has been caught and that Marco will have to go back to Italy but he doesnt mind as long as he can be friends with the uncle of his bride.

Rodolpho, by coming to apologise s really trying to protect Marco because he knows what he is going to do, as later on he says Eddie, please, he has children! You will kill a family! we know then that this is leading up to the climax of the play and then the resolution. First of all Eddie only wants is him to come here and apologise to him but later on when Rodolpho does come to apologise his demands change and he now wants his name back because Marco publicly shamed him when he shouted I accuse that one he also said he killed my children!

That one stole the food from my children! because Marco will now no longer be able to work in America, he will not be able to earn money to send back to Italy to feed his children. After he shouted this out in the neighbourhood and everyone knows that Eddie Carbone snitched he only wants his name and reputation back. When Marco appears (his eyes are murderous and he cracks his knuckles)we are given an indication here that Eddie is going to do something to Marco, although he tries to stay positive by saying maybe he come to apologise to me.

After this we are brought to the climax of the play Eddie (lunges for Marco) and Marco instantaneously strikes Eddie in return. As the inevitable happens and the knife is plunged into Eddie by Marco and the crowd rush in to separate them Marco has delivered his own justice upon Eddie but with a knife and not using the law like Alfieri suggested he do. This is the climax of the play and has terrible consequences for both of the characters as there search for justice ends simultaneously, because Eddie is dead so can no longer have justice and Marco has killed Eddie so has carried out his own justice.

In Alfieris epilogue he again raises the fact that most of the time now we settle for half but this is not something which Marco was willing to do, he wanted justice and there was nothing that was going to stop him. Conclusively, miller communicates strong themes of law and justice in the play. Each character has their own views on what is right and what is wrong. The differences between the Sicilian society and the American society also play a large part.

This is shown when Marco says that Eddie would be dead by now if he was in Italy because he had snitched on the two brothers. This is probably why Marco wanted to deliver his own justice because thats what he would do in his own country. Also Eddie hadnt actually done anything wrong in the eyes of the law, in fact it was commendable by the law because he reported illegal immigrants, and it was the fact that he betrayed relatives that needed justifying.

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