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Published: 2019-12-03 04:22:36
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1. What was the book about and what did you learn from it?

This book is about morals based on stories on the holy prophet and the companions of the noble prophet. There are stories about the imams and other prophets too. Most importantly the conclusion of this book is about to guide us to right path.

I have learnt three main things about the first one is humiliation if you go to the fifth chapter it then go to Page 52-53 it is a wonder full story about The short and ugly son Ill tell you in brief there was a king who had several of kids to which 1 amongst all of them was short and ugly and the others were tall and beautiful the king always looked down at the short and ugly child. But the king never knew how intelligent the short and ugly kid was. To which the ugly boy told his father He who is taller is not necessary better or superior; a sheep is clean but an elephant like a carcass by which the started to laugh at him and humiliating him, so I have learnt never to humiliate anyone to how ever they are.

The second thing I have learnt is LIE if you lie you will be caught out and your lie wont stay for a long time. And if you lie then you are compelled to say a lie again till you say the truth.

The third I have learnt is ignorance if I ignore someone then straight away I have displeased four feelings first one is Bibi Fatima the second one is prophet Muhammad the third one is Allah and the forth one is the person is the one I ignored. And I shall practise this by making notes and try to stick on near my desk so I should remember.

2. Did you like this book give reasons to your answer?

I liked the book i have learnt something from each and every section and it has shown me the right path and the right teachings. These stories in the book have made me reflect to what I have done in the past and as the book got more interesting and inshallah I will try rectifying myself from now onwards. and the other I liked in this book is how he author has made sections which was very good and I am hoping to read the anecdotes for reflection part three

3. Which 5 anecdotes did you like the best and why?

* The Jews and unlawful food

The part I liked is is that when were talking amongst themselves while the noble prophet who 7 years old while the Jews were having food so 1 Jew said to other I Have read in a scripture that a prophet would never go near a unlawful food so they invited the prophet but the noble prophet refused the Jews played this trick on the prophet twice but failed but to which interested was that the holy scripture was right and surprising too. And the other thing I loved was that the prophet was only 7 and he knew what was right and what was wrong.

* Bahul the gravedigger

There was a person in the time of the noble prophet named muadh-ibn-jabaal. Muadh-ibn-jabaal told the holy prophet there is a person who wants to see you. When the prophet walked up to the door of the mosque he saw a good looking guy who was crying as if a mother would cry for his son then the prophet inquired why he was crying then the man turned to the prophet and said why should I not cry i have committed a sin which Allah will never forgive. then the prophet asked did you associate anyone else with Allah or did you kill anyone the man said so the holy prophet said even if your sins are bigger than a mountain than Allah will forgive them so the man said that my sins are bigger than the mountains so the prophet said are you sins bigger than the seven earths, all the sands, tree, seas, the man said yes so the holy prophet inquired would you please narrate one of your sins to me the man said why not he then said for the past seven years i have been digging up people graves and took their shrouds and i sold them.

Then the prophet said o sinner stay away from me or i fear that i would burn from your fire too. At that moment the man looked down and went towards the mountains and tied himself and wept for forty days and asked Allah to pardon him and then Allah revealed to the prophet that the man is forgiven so the prophet went to the mountains and told him that he was forgiven so the moral is that if you want be forgiven then ask from real heart and inshallah you will be forgiven.

* Imam Hasan and the Syrian.

I liked this anecdote because the way imam Hasan speaks about the man in this anecdote i have learnt that if your father has an enemy that does not mean that you should be his enemy you shall make good relationships and good bonds with everyone. One day a man sets his eye on the imam then he started cursing him the imam waited patiently till he finished then the imam greeted him and said If you have a desire i shall fulfil it E.T.C when the imam finished the man started crying and crying then he said i bear witness that you are the caliph of this world.

* The humbleness of Salman Farsi

I liked this anecdote because it teaches you how to be humble. If you carry things that you can carry and give someone else to carry it you get a sin and you may end up everyone being against and you might end up by people feet pleading and pleading for forgiveness. Then saying please forgive me as i did not realise who you are.and I have learnt not to give my burden to anyone else.

* Isa and the greedy person.

I liked this anecdote because it has two points one is lie and the other one is greed there was once a person in the time of Isa and Isa gave money to the man and said go and buy three loaves bread so the man came back with loaves of bread as Isa had engaged himself with prayers for a long time the man quietly consumed a loaf of brad so when Isa had finished his prayer and asked the man where is the other loaf of bread the man said that there were only two loaves of bread than they settled down and started eating when they had finished they went for a walk they saw a deer they sacrificed and started to eat it after they had finished Isa gave that deer back his life the man was shocked so Isa asked again where the third loaf of bread is the man still said there was only two so they went along and they saw three gold bricks Isa took one the man took one then Isa said this is the one who ate the third loaf of bread the man said greedily i ate the third loaf of bread.

4. What didnt you understand from the book?

I never understood that the noble prophet revealed his prophesy till the age of 20 or higher pg 166 it says the group of Jews said to themselves that a prophet would never go near a unlawful food when the prophet was 7 they had invited him to come and eat the unlawful food And the prophet rejected it.

5. What other Islamic books will I read over the next year.

I will read the following books over the next year inshallah:




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