Animals: Suffer For our Amusement Or Entertainment Essay

Published: 2020-01-24 05:30:42
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All too often animals suffer for our amusement or entertainment. One of the worst aspects of animals that are used for entertainment or sport is that many of the people involved are not responsible for the animals they create. For instance Thoroughbred Race horses are bred in huge numbers. The ones who are not good enough or get hurt or when they are too old to race are disregarded with no care. Most end up in slaughter. Same thing with Greyhounds. But by far the best example happened recently when a company inhumanely shot a 100 plus healthy, young Siberian Huskies that were once used to pull dog sleds near Whistler Mountain, BC for the Olympics. This company got all these dogs and just used them for that short time frame and then shot a 100 plus healthy dogs. The comany used LIVING, FEELING, BEAUTIFUL animals for their profit and then murdered them when they were done. THAT IS WRONG.

If anyone is going to use a living breathing feeling animal for any reason they NEED TO BE RESPONSIBLE. Responsible for their care and life. I showed horses for years, and still ride and have horses. Riding is for my entertainment. My horses love to go for rides but I provide for them. My Lab loves to retrieve and dock dive. It is sport in competition but he loves it. But I provide and care for him and would never exploit my animals. I think that using animals and then NOT being responsible should be illegal. I think there should be more rules and regulations that look out for the welfare of the animals. And if one is going to use an animal they need to care for them and care for them when they are done. I think sports or entertainment that harms animals should be without question should be made illegal. Why should any living creature suffer for anothers sole amusement and no other purpose

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