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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Dear Annie,

The other day, I got Chinese take-out and the lady at the till offered me a cookie and told me that the fortunes actually come true. The cookie told me I was gonna be king! I immediately knew it was referring to homecoming king at the dance next Saturday, but the surprising thing was that it seemed like everyone was already voting for one of my friends, the captain of the football team. He IS the most popular guy in school. But I really wanna be king too! My girlfriend thinks I should embarrass my friend so that he loses some popularity votes, but if people find out it was me, it could really hurt my reputation. I dont know what to do-please help! -Wannabe King

Dear Wannabe,

I have two things to say to you. Firstly, I dont believe in fortune cookies¦especially ones that say youll become king, secondly, get a new girlfriend! The cookie merely states what might happen, you shouldnt take it too seriously and definitely dont take matters into your own hands. If it is saying the truth then youll become homecoming king and if the Chinese prophecies are wrong, you wont. As someone once said, Theres no use trying to rush fate, because the best things in life are worth the wait. Youll live both ways so I dont know why your girlfriend is guiding you to the wrong path especially when it would hurt a friend. If you possess the qualities of a king you might eventually become one! -Annie

Dear Annie,

My friend and I love playing soccer, he was really enthusiastic and always thought of the better of the team, therefore he was voted captain of our schools soccer team. He was super thrilled, and so was I¦at first. As I watched him at practice he began to act differently. He started bossing us around and would get really frustrated when we messed up. As captain he decided he had the authority to put people down, including his friends. I am really worried for him because hes losing his friends and if he keeps going at this rate he might even be kicked off the team. I really want to help him but I dont know how. I have a feeling his hubris is getting to him. Do you have any suggestions on how I could help? -Worried friend

Dear Worried,

Whoa¦HUBRIS? I have to admit, I looked that up. But I agree; that is a great way to describe your friends situation. Read the quote of the day above. Things like this are bound to happen when you get power. Mr. Captain over there has some overflowing pride in him which is making him act like a jerk. Have a talk with him, tell him how you feel the team is breaking apart and bring forward the consequences he might have to face in case things go out of hand. I am sure he will understand and kudos to you for looking out for him!

Dear Annie,

The girl I have a crush on forgot to do her homework, so to impress her, I gave her mine. But then I didnt have my own work and the teacher would get really mad at me so I stole Kevins (a classmate). Im really afraid that he will find out and snitch on me. Whenever he walks up to me I get really nervous and make sure nothing gives it away. I really cant get it off my mind. I know I shouldnt have done it in the first place and Im really disappointed that I tried to impress my crush like that, I didnt know the consequences! How should I deal with it? I feel like I will never be forgiven. I dont usually do things like this. Should I fess up? Should I just deal with the fear? Help me! -P.I.M.P. (Pissing In My Pants)

Dear P.I.M.P.,

Creative name there, is the irony intended? Im guessing youre still young, you dont need to sacrifice something to earn a girls respect. She should like you for who you are. It was your fault and your decision that led to the cost. Make sure you think before you act in life and apologize to your classmate and teacher, they will understand, people make mistakes. Some detention is better than dealing with the guilt and paranoia. Next time think about, if what you gain is worth the consequences. -Annie

Dear Annie,

I was recently offered a job to be a director at a large multinational company, but I am hesitating to accept it. My fiance thinks it is a really good opportunity and is pushing me towards it. The company already has a director but they requested me to join as I have higher qualifications. Accepting the offer would get the current director fired. I agree that its a good opportunity but Id hate to do that to someone for my own purposes when I already have a decent job. My fiance keeps threatening our wedding and whether I am capable of supporting her and her future children. She has basically dictated that if I do not take the offer she will no longer have respect for me. I really love her and want to see her happy, should I be agreeing with her? -Future Groom¦?

Dear Future Groom,

Youre a groom not a broom! Talk it out with your fiance and make her understand that your current job will keep her and YOUR children secure. If it will really hurt your morals to take the job away from somebody then you should tell her this and hopefully if she loves you as much she will see your point. If she doesnt and still threatens your marriage hkgold your stand and dont let her control your actions, be a man!

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For this assignment, I chose to do an advice column where people write to Annie about their problems, seeking guidance. The advice seekers circumstances represent those of Macbeth and Annie brings to notice the lessons that can be learnt from them. She gives positive guidance whereas in the play the opposite happens. The reason behind Annie answering the questions in this way is to emphasize on the morals of the play. Annie also has a funny edge to her in a way that displays her persona. I believe she is a cheerful young lady who speaks the truth and uses humour so that people feel comfortable talking to her.

The questions show my understanding of how power corrupts in Macbeth and some of the lenses whereas the answers portray my understanding of the themes. I thought an advice column was a creative way to show the message that people should take out of reading or watching Macbeth. The reason I didnt just use actual Macbeth situations was because I was aiming it at a younger, contemporary audience so that they can understand it thoroughly and also it shows that the similar situations to the ones Shakespeare used in the past can occur in the present.

The fact that the situations are realistic also gives reason to why the morals are important because they can be easily applied to daily life to make you a better, wiser person unlike Macbeth. Most advice columns have some sort of heading, mines a quote. The quote at the top of the page explains to the readers the main message of the pieces following and is the topic for that weeks advice. I did this so I could organise my writing better as well as I thought it was an imaginative start to the task.

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