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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Briar Forest University is the dream project of Mr. Gary Cooper, M. A. PhD, a permanent resident of Briar Forest and a budding educationist who wishes to set up a University at Briar Forest for the following reasons: 1. A full-fledged university is long overdue in Briar Forest; 2. There is a growing global market for a full-fledged university; 3. Mr. Cooper owns a sizable land free from any encumbrances and appropriate in size for a full-fledged university; 4. Mr. Cooper has U. S. $1. 00 million to invest for the project; 5. Mr.

Cooper has a dream to set up a university with true global environment, which would produce a new breed of prejudice-free and enlightened individuals, who would reflect a well-comprehended approach and attitude towards life, and thus would lead the society from the front. 6. He has weighed every detail on the prospect of this proposed venture with an appropriate team; 7. He has found his dream aligns with reality. Thus, the salient features of the proposed project have been placed below, before concluding on an approbatory note. Guiding Theme Mr. Cooper, PhD, has already earned a name in the field of Eastern Philosophy.

It was in his internship days, he was greatly moved by a particular saying of the great Indian Philosopher, Swami Vivekananda; Education is the manifestation of perfection, which is already in humans. Since then he started dreaming on setting up a university which will cater to the society with a new breed of enlightened individuals who would be free from all prejudices and reflect a well-comprehended approach and attitude towards life. Thus he has chosen the above-mentioned saying of Swami Vivekananda as the guiding theme of the project. USP of the Project:

There is no full fledged university in Briar Forest, in spite of being one of the significant hubs of trade and commerce in the area, where a huge population of local youth has to pursue their education outside the area, while the young executives who seek an MBA degree, are found to be avoiding any resident jobs here, due to the absence of a university that offers MBA program. Add to that, the new tax policy of the government has provided a huge scope for the prospective foreign student from all across the globe. Thus, primarily the USP of this project lies in its proposed placement, i. e.

, Briar Forest. Proposed Educational Programs The university intends to introduce three major segments, like Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Professional courses, with conventional streams and respective subjects under them, under the provisions of the Education Council. Phases of Expense The one-time expenses involve the construction of the campus with strategically placed buildings and boundary, office equipments, vehicles for conveyance, digital communication and security systems, water and sanitary systems, fire-fighting systems, environment protection systems and beautification of the campus.

Out of these, the primary focus has been placed on the construction of the buildings. A basic plan towards that is thus placed below: Types of Buildings: a. Main Buildings: These would house the main academic activity and students accommodation with appropriate space for administrative segments and adequate openings to facilitate the anticipated proceedings. Keeping in tune with the survey on the anticipated number of students, the foundations of these buildings would be empowered with 6-story capacity, where the floor-height according to the norms would be kept around 15 meters.

The recommended FAR (Floor Area Ratio) apropos the anticipated proceedings stands as 1:3. The architectural design chosen for the project owes more to the European Renaissance period to create the vintage aura of old academic institutions, b. Annexes Buildings: They would hold purely administrative offices with Senate halls for executive meetings. These buildings would be two storied, though their foundation would have the provision for future extension of two more stories. The recommended FAR here stands at 1:2.

Proposed architecture for these buildings contains a mixture of post-modern and present European mould for exteriors and interiors respectively, so that the exteriors wouldnt stand in stark contrast of the main buildings in spite of the absence of the frills, while the interiors would facilitate the modern style of office system. c. Supplementary Buildings: Canteens, Cyber Cafe, Plant and car shades around enclosures, fire-fighting or server stations, staff-quarters, etc. belong to this segment.

While the Canteen, staff quarters and cyber cafe would be two storied provisioned with two more stories, the rest would be single storied, all with recommendations of post-modern exterior and modern interior. Placement of Buildings The main buildings would be clustered in the middle with equal division of the annex buildings among them, together facilitating the central quadrangle easily approachable from any side. Phases of Project The proposed project has been divided into two phases: One, the Kick-off phase and two Final phase.

The kick-off phase would comprise two main buildings, one for student accommodation and the other for academic activities. Both of them at present would be complete with just two floors. These two buildings would have one annex building at their side, with Canteen or security establishments. Final phase would start right after the commencement of sessions in the Kick-off phase. Estimated Cost The cost of Kick-off phase has been estimated at U. S. $2. 75 million with U. S. $. 75 million as the caution money to meet the exigencies. Recovery of Investment

The campaign conduced by the appointed professionals to prepare a list of the prospective investors, had brought in the names of 125 such persons. Out of that, Mr. Cooper has been able to finalize the master list of 85 persons who finally have signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mr. Cooper, wherein they would provide a joint fund of U. S. $12 million, on the inaugural day of the Kick-off phase. This serves as the guarantee for the recovery of the loan from any bank. An independent body of trustees, who would clear the EMIs of the bank through an automated process, would handle the said fund.

While it has been decided by the Board of Aids that the loaned amount would be paid through 60 EMIs, the targeted period of the Kick-off phase has been fixed as two years from the date of commencement of the project. This augurs the beginning of the academic sessions right from the third year of the project which would also add money to the proposed joint funding of the 85 partners of the Final phase.

On the other hand, the estimated cost of the Final phase along with a caution money in tune of 10% stands at 8.8 million a realistic situation which further guarantees the recovery of the bank loan of U. S. $2. 00 million from the remaining U. S. $3. 2 million in the Final Phase fund. Degrees to be Offered As like any contemporary university working with the guidelines of National Education Council, this university would introduce its courses in alignment with that, which would include Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Technology and Management, along with other regular degrees in Biological, Medical and Veterinary Sciences.

To cater the growing demand of MBA course, the university would introduce the same right from its Kick-off phase, which will later be followed by extended courses like Global Summer Schools, Executive Education, or the Entrepreneurship courses, once the other Final Phase is completed. Faculty Selection The board of governors would handpick the professors and other staff through a stringent guideline, aligned with the theme of the proposed university. Induction of the Guiding Theme

With a view to create a new breed of enlightened individuals who would be free from all prejudices and reflect a well-comprehended approach and attitude towards life, there would be a parallel indirect education that would be imparted in this proposed university which would imbibe the universally recognized Values and Ethics in the students and would made them both mentally and physically equipped to lead the world which is the ultimate dream of Mr. Gary Cooper, the founder and director of this project.


Judging from all angles, the proposed project definitely looks like a risk-free, profiteering venture for all its prospective parties, mostly due to its unique financial planning. Alongside, this project would surely cater the long-standing need of the proposed region, besides the growing overseas demand for higher education. The location of this project surely serves its USP (Unique Selling Proposition), while the guiding theme of it will surely add a useful dimension to the main curricula.

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