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Published: 2020-02-17 19:40:47
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A position with an industry leader in the field of Power Plant Operation and Maintenance (O& M), where my 9+ years of experience & knowledge could be utilized. Leader of Permits to Work (PTW) and Lock-out/Tag-out (LOTO) systems, supporting and guiding the operators, and coordinating with maintenance the works planning. Main person responsible for the operation of the plant during the shift, leading troubleshooting analysis, communications with LDC, etc. Conducting checks/surveys within the Utility and Process area.

Identifying, rectifying and reporting possible anomalies. Identify potential hazards or occurrences that be damaging to personnel, environment, plant or production. Take immediate may corrective action where possible and report occurrences to the plant shift supervisor. Endorse all work permits in area as MAXIMO 7.5 in accordance with the PTW system. Assist the Issuing authority in preparing isolation schemes to equipment within area of responsibility. Review Operability and Maintainability of the facilities.

Proposing and agreeing with Supervisor all maintenance works, repair or preventative measures as deemed necessary. Prepare works for their execution and for restoration on job completion. Assure operational integrity, process safety is maintained following field feedback and promote continuous improvement to achieve a high level of Operational Excellence. Review and provide input to updates of operating procedures, instructions and job cards.

Professional Qualification

Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering at Birla Institute of Technology
and Science with 7 CGPA Post Diploma in Thermal power plant Engineering, National Power Training Institute (NPTI) with 85 % Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DME) Anndavar Polytechnic College with 83 % Ongoing Master of Business Administration (Power Management) at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies.

DomainExperience Present

Company Name :SHAMS 1 Power Company (Solar Thermal Power Plant CSP) (Shams1 Power Company is at present considered to be the Worlds largest CSP Plant) Designation :Operation Shift Supervisor

Duration :July 2012 to till date Job Responsibilities To manage shift duties of operating personnel to maximize station Performance. To participate in daily morning meeting with plant operation manager regarding operational activities and events. To assist in the selection and training of operation personnel. To prepare daily and monthly operational reports.

To provide performance-based feedback to employees and administers disciplinary action. Responsible to implement health, safety and environment policy and safety rules Preparation of incident, accident and near miss reports in the capacity of incident controller. DomainExperience #2

Provide process engineering technical support for total project effort including facilities development, project schedule development; participation in planning and design; resolution of design conflicts; economic analysis, etc Work with Sr. Engineers to establish and conduct quality control programs, operating procedures and control strategies to ensure consistency and adherence to standards for raw materials, products and waste products or emissions. Prepare and disseminate all required documentation records such as status reports, punch lists describing work items to be done.

Training and Workshop

SGT5 4000F SIEMENS Gas Turbine(6) Units Commissioning and Operationexperience, Including Wet Compression System Commissioning. Training on Operation of Combined Cycle Power Plants and Desalination Plants at Dubai Electricity & Water Authority, Dubai, and UAE. Training on Job Safety Analysis at Dubai Electricity & Water Authority, Dubai. Simulator Training Course at Dubai Electricity & Water Authority, Dubai, UAE. Simulator Operation Training 250 MW Thermal power plant at Nagpur, India. Operation and Maintenance experience for Alstom Condensing steam turbine 220 MW, SIEMENS Back pressure steam turbine 150 MW, Green sol condensing steam turbine 100 MW, MAN condensing steam turbine 100 MW. Personal Details

Date of Birth:05/07/ 1984
Languages Known:English, Hindi and Tamil
Nationality : Indian
Marital Status :Married
Passport No : F5266739
Permanent Address:27, Tanker Street,
Kondayam Palayam,
Gobichettipalayam, Erode (DT), Tamilnadu- 638505

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