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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Since the 9/11 attack on America, surveillance has increased significantly. Surveillance has expanded to telephone calls, e-mails, internet browsing records, financial history, credit history, library records, and even political and religious activities. Government says these surveillance activities are to protect citizens. The author of the article I found states otherwise believing these activities are not solely intended for harmful criminals and suspected terrorists. It is directed at all of us, says the author. This writer feels the government and state surveillance efforts are warrantless and invade the privacy of innocent people. Surveillance undermines the right to privacy and the freedoms of speech, association, and religion, the writer proclaims. The government is accused of spying in the article with no real advantage to anyone.

There is excessive exaggeration in this article as the writer references the negative use of surveillance efforts. Statistics have shown proven facts that crime and accident rates have decreased in areas that have adapted such spying techniques. This article also made mention that government is increasing technology uses to observe peoples actions and movements without obtaining a warrant and without valid reasons to do so. The author failed to provide any real evidence that society is not benefiting from surveillance efforts only opinions, reducing the sources credibility. The writer failed to reason about the positive effects of modern technology and surveillance.

Overall, the cameras”when actively monitored”were effective at cutting down crime. And the savings and benefits of fewer crimes outweighed the cost of the surveillance system, reports a Chicago city worker. Based on analysis, reports found surveillance cameras can deter crime and are effective in cost when monitored and installed properly. Surveillance cameras are useful law enforcement tools that can assist in preventing or reducing crime. For example, Chicago reported surveillance cameras proved to be highly effective in reducing crime in certain areas. Computerized cameras are modernized, new law enforcement tools. Cities use them to catch red light runners and speeders Ive been caught by a few myself in recent years. Ive since been more conscious of my driving habits!

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