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Published: 2020-02-18 17:32:21
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Most of my job requires me to record evidence of a person carrying out their daily work routine and sees me recording them doing it using a range of assessment methods. The main assessment method that I prefer to use is Holistic. The reason I prefer using this method above other methods available to me is because it allows me to record any evidence as I see it occur in the workplace naturally. As no two assessments are the same, I never know what I am going to be able to record until it happens. Holistic assessment works best for me but it is not the only form of assessment I use to achieve my aims.

As part of the initial assessment, one of the first assessment methods I use is to ask my candidates to complete a skillscan. This is a list of jobs that the national standards have identified as forming part of the job they carry out on a regular basis. I ask the candidate to simply tick a box to decide if they carry out a particular job, always, sometimes or never. For instance, dealing with customers who have special needs or organising tour itineries and cash transactions etc. This gives me an indication of where to start assessing their competence.

It is much easier to begin assessing skills that they have and use on a regular basis, rather than beginning with assessing skills that they might not carry out or have skills fade in a certain area. A skillscan also assists me to decide if a candidate requires any training prior to assessment. I also ask for any acquired prior learning or certificates or courses that I can use as proof of meeting the required standards. Witness testimony or statements from employers can also be used as methods of assessment within my industry.

As part of my role as an NVQ assessor it is vital that I provide my candidates with formative and summative feedback. I do this using two methods. The first is always verbal feedback immediately after the observation, followed up within 24 hours by written feedback. This is extremely important to the candidates who need to know and understand how well there performance has been assessed against the national standards required. I try to give them as much positive feedback as possible with as little negative feedback.

This is sometimes very difficult as some of my candidates have been driving for many years and have developed some serious bad habits. Once all of the above options have been completed, I finish off by using a professional discussion. Asking the candidate to give specific examples of carrying out different scenarios, which explains how they have met the national set standards of certain scenarios, does this. Then just to be entirely certain that we have not missed anything out, I will ask them direct questions in order to confirm they understand the requirements of the set standards.

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