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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Handball has been played all over the world for thousands of years. Although different variations on the game, it is known as one of the oldest ball games ever played. Handball was played in Egypt over four thousand years ago. It was also played in ancient Rome and in many cultures in South America. On five thousand year old tombs at Saqqara in Egypt, there are drawings of Egyptians playing handball. It shows girls groups of two playing the game. The Egyptians were known to play many ball games. The balls used in handball were made to be durable but light.

They were made out of a leather skin which was stuffed with plant fibers like papyrus, or with hay. The Roman Empire called the game expulsim ludere. It was played on courts called sphaeristsa. It is told that Alexander the Great was the one who spread the game throughout the Greek colonies in Italy during the first millennium BC. Then it spread to other countries of the Roman Empire. Its not quite certain of the details of how the game was played the, but is thought to be similar to what is known as one-wall handball today. During the Middle Ages in France, handball was called jeux de paume (palm play).

It was very popular with the peasants as well as nobility. Pieces of tightly rolled cloth that was stitched together was how they made the handball. Gloves were eventually used to allow more force while hitting the ball. Handball is over three hundred years old in America, which originated in Mexico. You can see handball players on painted pottery, wall paintings that are found in archeological sites, and sculptures. Although the rules have varied through the various countries and over the years, these are the basic rules of handball: The Playing Court The measurements are 657 by 1313.

The goal area line ,which is 198, is the most important. No one but the goalie is allowed to stand in the goal area. The Ball Team handball is played with a 32-panel ball. Number of Players There are seven players on each team. Twelve players may be available to play and substitutes may enter the game at any time. Uniform Uniform shirts and shorts are the same color. The goalkeeper wears a different color shirt. Referees There are two referees. Their decisions are final. Duration of the Game 18yrs and over: two 30 minute halves with a 10 minute half-time.

For tournament and youth games there are two 20 minute halves. Scoring A goal is made when the ball crosses the goal line inside the goal. Playing the ball The player can run with the ball for 3 steps, hold the ball for 3 seconds, and unlimited dribble with 3 steps before and after dribbling. A player can use his torso to block an opponent with or without the ball. He cannot use his arms or legs to do this. If a player is given a warning from the referee and then violates again, he will get a yellow card. This is a 2 minute suspension. If the player fouls again, a red card is given and the player must leave the court.

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