Audience And Action Plan Essay

Published: 2019-12-22 00:30:18
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I am the manager of Lexington Short Term Outpatient/Inpatient Rehabilitation Center with the task of developing an action plan and a proposal to add long term care services to our current services that will be presented to the organizations Board of Directors for approval. Initially, I had prepared an action plan that requires updating. My initial action plan included the following: various communication methods to be use by managers within this organization, the importance of the identified communication methods within this organizational structure, internal/external relationships to be considered, steps involved in organizational planning and functions of management, how planned steps may be applied to the scenario, strategies that might be used to bring about change in the organization, how those strategies may be used to prevent or to minimize conflict, strategies that can be applied if conflict does arise, the managers role in conflict management, ethical issues that may altered the way change is conducted in the organization, the effects of financial and human resource management controls, how financial and human resource control issues may affect the decision-making process, environmental influences related to health care which may affect outcomes and quality within the organization, and, how the implemented change will be tracked or evaluated.

I decided to add diversity to management, administration, staff and health care services to appeal to a diverse patient population that is multilingual to enhance communication with our clients and broaden our patient services. This worked well for me because I realized that being equipped to serve a diverse patient population will give my proposal better chance of being accepted by the Board of Directors. While attempting to update my action plan, deciding on what will be appropriate and successful was something that was a challenge for me.

Another challenge was incorporating my new updates to my current action plan. If I was asked the question what would I have done differently if I had the opportunity prior to my update, my answer would have been to have the opportunity to update my action plan. Now that my update is completed, I feel very confident and is ready to present my proposal and action plan to the Board of Directors and I will not do anything differently from this point on.

Buchbinder, S.B & Shanks, N.H (2012). Introduction to health care management (2nd ed.) Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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