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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Come on Barbie lets go party, goes the popular song by Aqua, a song that is loved by many but when listened to carefully this song has some very demeaning messages towards Barbie. Im a blonde single girl in the fantasy world, is a message that many people claim her to be, living in a fantasy world. Unfortunately too many girls young and old want to follow in her footsteps. Barbie is indeed a negative public icon. Not only is she a negative influence towards young girls but she also promotes an impossibly perfect body figure and a fantasy lifestyle which is unrealistic to achieve. Barbie plays a major role in many young girls lives.

Youve already strongly established that Barbie does this you said so when you called her a public icon and again when you said she is an influence. So saying it again is sort of repetitive. Remember when we talked about this in class? ) They all want a Barbie to play with; they all want to be like Barbie. Shes a public icon, something like a superstar to these young ones. They are getting brainwashed at a young age with this doll but instead of her being a positive influence shes not. Pregnant Barbie is a prime example. That doll was removed from shelves because of the message it was sending.

A pregnant doll makes these young children believe that it is ok for then to go ahead and get pregnant. Whats even worse is that the doll was sold without a father figure. What kind of message is that sending to these children? Being pregnant without a father figure around is not easy. Pregnant Barbie gives the false impression that being a single mother is easy. That a woman can be a single mother and still live a rich ravish lifestyle. That is not the case at all. Its not as easy as Pregnant Barbie makes it seem.

Having a child is difficult, especially having one with no father figure present. watch out for repetitiveness you already made your point about single motherhood being difficult. Now you need to say something more complex about the issue) Obtaining Barbies rich, lavish lifestyle is virtually impossible when a child is present. Life in plastic, its fantastic. In reality how fantastic is it? Barbie is perfect. Perfect hair, face, and body shape. To often do we find women trying to imitate her. Not only do females starve themselves or try other ridiculous methods to achieve her body shape, but they have also turned to plastic surgery to achieve this goal.

Take Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian for example. They are famous and they try to achieve that ultimate beauty that Barbie holds through artificial ways. Nicki Minaj even takes it as far as calling herself Barbie. Women need to understand that Barbie is indeed plastic and that they will never achieve her looks or body size, even when they try to manufacture them through surgery. The following paragraph kind of jumps out at the reader without warning, because we were reading about single motherhood and plastic surgery before (dangerous and destructive things in society), and the next paragraph begins with pink. You need to lead up to the next point about materialism with a smoother transition.

Maybe you can say, Barbie not only encourages unhealthy ideas about motherhood and physical perfection, she encourages unrealistic expectations about money too. Usually when hearing Barbies name a few things pop into mind such as pink, party girl, rich lifestyle, and of course fantasy. Some may argue that shes a good role model because she has various jobs and she makes her dreams come true, but never is all the hard work for those jobs mentioned.

All that is seen is her luxurious lifestyle, her big fancy beach house, pink convertible, and many jobs. Barbies lifestyle wont be achieved without hard work and financial backing. Too many women in society want to walk in her shoes but either they dont have the monetary resources or they dont want to endure the hard work it takes to achieve that life style. Clearly Barbie is nothing more than a little plastic brainwashing disgrace to society. She promotes broken homes and provokes eating disorders and outrageous plastic surgery in women of many ages. Her glamorous lifestyle mocks those who cannot walk in her footsteps.

Barbie is indeed a Barbie girl in the Barbie world but somehow she still finds a way to bring destruction to the real world. You have a lot of strong, intelligent arguments here. I think that for future essays you can improve your writing by trying to develop the essay so that the whole thing flows smoothly on one focues, track. Using god transitions will help you do that. I gave one example of how to use a transition between paragraphs above. Try to practice transitions more in your writing. Its hard at first, but I promise you that once you learn how to do it, other people will be amazed at how good your writing gets.

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