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She later married him after he had ordered the killing of her husband. We can relate this story back to the character of Bathsheba Everdene by saying that she was willing to marry someone who she did not love, but for security, like what happened to her with Boldwood and Troy. Not surprisingly though, being so independent she does not rate marriage very highly, I should not mind being a bride at a wedding if I could be without having a husband. This shows us that she is not very keen on the love and marriage scene.

Her surname Everdene can also be linked into how she saw herself a fair product of nature and as the meaning of her surname suggests just this, by its meaning: Timeless qualities of nature. This may also have relevant as to where she felt most comfortable, where she did not have to act or have to impress anyone. I think her surname shares a link to the real Bathsheba, the hardworking, independent, country girl, this is why she was so successful in the managing of her uncles farm. It gave her a chance to unwind and clear her mind from all the turmoil that surrounded her constantly.

Hardy is not the only person who tells us about Bathsheba. Other characters also make statements about her, she is so good looking and an excellent scholar, we are told this by her aunt, she says this to try and stop Gabriel from proposing marriage to Bathsheba early in the book. Troy also tells us about Bathsheba as well, I said you were beautiful and Ill say so still, by so you are. Troy says this to flatter her and to seduce her; unfortunately Bathsheba is weak in this sense and is easily flattered, so she falls for Troy.

Although, in saying this, by the end of the novel she reveals an inner strength which is demonstrated by her being able to endure troy and Fanny being buried together and by her keeping Fannys lock of hair as a momenta of the poor girl. It is this inner strength which illuminates her need and love for Gabriel, who has remained true and loyal to her throughout her progress. On the other end of the social scale we are told of Fanny Robin, she is a direct contrast to Bathsheba: she is blonde and fragile while Bathsheba is dark and lively.

She is portrayed as a shadowy figure adding mystery to the plot. We first meet Fanny in chapter seven, in Weatherbury churchyard where she will finally be buried. We are told that When abreast of a trunk, which appeared to be the oldest of the old, he became aware that a figure was standing behind it. This quote shows us that Fanny was a shy girl and that she did not want to be noticed by anyone if she could help it. Hardy evokes sympathy for Fanny when she and Gabriel meet for the first time, as Gabriel notices that she is rather weak and vulnerable.

I am rather poor and I dont want people to know anything about me, Then she was silent and shivered. Fanny clearly wants to go unnoticed and she appears to be cold and undernourished which would lead us to believe that she was probably unemployed and very poor. Gabriel feeling sorry for Fanny offers her a shilling Yes, I will take it. Fanny accepts the shilling like a child would a sweet. Like Bathsheba, Fanny can also act unconventionally, for example when she runs off to marry Troy although she is depicted as a vulnerable girl in a hostile landscape.

This is effective in that it draws the readers sympathy for Fanny because of her weak stature and the harsh surroundings that she had to cope with each day. Ironically though her letter rejoicing in her forthcoming marriage is somewhat naive and premature. Through this Hardy again evokes sympathy and pity for Fanny when she muddles the churches and faces Troys fury, but this is what Troy needed; a chance to abandon Fanny and marry his rich and beautiful mistress, but unknown to Troy, Fanny is pregnant and destitute.

Fanny is a victim of circumstance, a shadowy presence who reveals Troys fickleness when he flirts with Bathsheba. Fanny would now be frowned upon due to the fact that she was pregnant and was giving birth to an illegitimate child, although this was not her fault she would still have faced prejudice. This, also draws sympathy from the readers for Fanny because it is a problem that faces women in even our modern world today. So, Fanny conceals her pregnancy and supports herself as a seamstress until she goes to Casterbridge workhouse to have her baby.

I personally feel sympathy for Fanny in this situation because she could have gone to Troy and demanded that he take care of her and the unborn baby, but she didnt, and in doing so showed that she had respected Troys decision to marry Bathsheba. She realised how her social status and upbringing would have affected Troy, and in doing so she left him alone. I think this shows great courage and unselfish behaviour from a woman who had so little, but yet payed the ultimate price.

Hardy evokes sympathy by describing in harrowing detail her last journey, especially with the picture of her little arms resting on a large dog. Her death caused by giving birth to an illegitimate child. Fannys fear that she will never see Troy again Perhaps I shall be in my grave is prophetically ironic. Ironically she has more power in death than in life. Her beauty in the coffin reduces Troy to abject shame and reawakens his true love, as he regards Fanny now as his very wife

Fanny is then put in a coffin and Gabriel leaves her coffin to rest at Bathshebas house, which is near to where she will be buried. On the coffin though it said Fanny Robin and Child. Gabriel took his handkerchief and carefully rubbed out the two latter words, leaving one inscription Fanny Robin only. Gabriel did this to protect Bathsheba from getting hurt and to maybe protect Troy from the embarrassment, as he was the father of an illegitimate child. Her character is simply drawn from her naive honesty and her forlorn faith in her lover.

In many ways, Fanny represents the plight of the Victorian working- class female who strays outside the narrow confines of society rules. In the end Hardy left Fanny on a very sombre and sad note The persistent torrent from the gurgoyles jaws directed all of its vengeance into the grave. The rich tawny mould was stirred into motion, and boiled like chocolate. This is where Hardy has evoked the most sympathy for Fanny, and I am sure other readers of the book would agree with me.

Hardy presents these two characters very differently. He portrays Bathsheba as a self- assured, independent, confident woman who was deserted by her husband because he had realised his mistake, leave her to pick up the pieces of what I think was a shattered life and one that was in turmoil, dismay and sadness. This is how Hardy has tried to draw sympathy for Bathsheba, by describing how Troy mistreated her and used her for her wealth; this is the only place in the book that you really feel sympathy for Bathsheba.

With the character of Fanny Hardy was able to draw a lot more sympathy from the readers due to the reality of her character and that did happen in those days. Fanny was the total contrast to Bathsheba she was the shy and dark and lonely figure who was never paid any attention to; she was poor and weak. She was never, I think, truly happy with who she was and how people, especially Troy treated her and Troy only realised how special she was until it was too late. The most striking scene in the book was definitely when the gurgoyle was dripping water all over Fannys grave and ruining it.

This is when we as readers, we sit back and are made to think of the things in our life that we take for granted each day, just expecting them to always be there, and one day they wont and then we will truly realise how much we had loved them, as Troy found out when Fanny died. Hardy has presented these characters in the most appropriate and effective way in order to draw sympathy from them. I do think now, that this book is not just to be read but it has been written to make you think about the things that you cherish most in life, and dont make the mistake of not appreciating them.

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