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Published: 2020-02-05 01:22:37
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This painting by Pat Steir Figure 129 Pink Chrysanthemum is three panels of flowers. The background of these paintings is pink and the flowers are white. The first panel of the painting has three flowers in a green vase. The flowers are kind of blurry the way that the light shined on them, and are centered. The second panel has just a close up of a single flower. Its closer than the first panel and has way more detail of the flower. You almost feel like you can reach out and touch the flower sitting there. The third panel brings it even more closer than the second and it becomes even more beautiful than the other two. The atmosphere that the pinks and the shades of blue and green with the purples too makes me want to wrap up with a blanket and lay there and just look at it. Its very peaceful and pleasant to look at. To me the artist is telling everyone to take time out of their busy day and notice all the beautiful parts of nature. Look at everything in great detail and enjoy every part of your life from the smallest rosebud to the biggest tree giving you shade. What seems small at first can be something great and spectacular.

Dont waste a moment of your time enjoy nature and all its surroundings. Nature has so much to offer yet it so often gets ingored and put to the side for a rainy day. As we go about our busy days we dont even have time to notice little things. This weekend I went to the mall with my daughter and she asked to go into the art gallery for Pablo Picaso where she pointed at three photos that she wanted me to buy for her room. It was so cute. This piece makes you feel like disappearing into a different place where there is a breeze flowing through your hair and a warm sun on your skin and these beautiful flowers all around. This painting is the first time that I have ever enjoyed myself fully while looking at a painting. The light colors of this painting suggests something good is going to happen and makes you have a good feeling. He used these colors to make you feel like something good is coming. The book says that artists use dark colors for bad and light colors for good.

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