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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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In his article, he said that computer is this one example of technology which has hurt the youth by making reading and writing skills worse. The graphics in a web page, can make an ordinary book seem tiresome to read. He also mentioned that the writing skills of many young people have gotten worse because of the trend of using shortened words, emoticons, and improper punctuation which these young people are using when they chat online. This has affected the young people as students because they become very familiar with the language that they use it even in school. The author was able to present evidences to support all his assumptions.

His points on how computers may hurt us are undeniable. It is true that most people, especially the young ones who are the main users of the internet and computers, have made that language acceptable even in their academic papers. But, it is only a small ratio of those language-users who really incorporate it to their academic lives. You can find many blog entries written with a very good use of a true language. The author may have observed comments in the internet written in an ugly manner, that is to say the comments are full of grammatical errors, wrong sentence constructions, and improper punctuation.

He might have had a student or students who have incorporated what they use on the internet to their submitted papers. But, it is not the computers fault. Computers still have the ability to aid in the facilitation of learning. 6B. He has a bias in favor of the use of computer to facilitate in learning. He sees the importance of technology in gaining information at the right time when one needs it most. He strongly believes that we should also go with the flow. The society has been changed by technology and so must our education.

He believes that computers, as the foremost technology of the time, using computers will allow expansion in the field of our education. He also stated that everyone must be knowledgeable in using computers. Riley based his statements on historical insights and a comparison on how people think then from now. He looks for relevance. He must have found a correlation between the use of the internet and the convenience of it in learning. He, however, failed to see that the internet cannot solely be used for education.

Many number of computer users are students but they are not acting as students when they surf the internet. Internet can serve many purposes and delivering information is just one of it. Though internet can aid in learning, as he said, through information, there would be many factors that, instead of helping students develop their learning skills, may lower their ability to learn and apply knowledge and skills. 6C. For my own paper, Ive said that parents are the first teachers and the most important teachers for anyone. It is because learning happens at very early stage during our growth.

Also, during that stage, learning is fast. Since parents are the first persons we interact with and, normally, they are the ones who are with us during those stage, parents will be the one who will give us our first experience in learning. Parents should be the first to show their children good values and right attitudes. Ive also mentioned that responsiveness is the key to learning which I based on an article Ive cited. Much of what I said in that essay is merely opinions. Yes, it is full of biases. But I was inclined to write it that way because that is what I saw.

Schools can help a student acquire knowledge and skills, but, schools may not be able to help a student process what theyve acquired and learn. Learning at home is a strong foundation. I, however, did not dwell on how much schools could help us in learning. I just stated that it is the task of the school to make the students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for them to move on with their lives and be able to find the right path for them. 6D. My writing demonstrates a weak-sense critical thinking. Though the problem was identified, the argument Ive presented lacks evidence. The argument was based from only one source.

That is my greatest weakness in writing the essay. It is because I strongly believe and agree to what my source is saying that Ive carried over the bias into my paper. I should have looked for more sources. I did not consider other views I was able to identify the problem and that is to find the best way to educate our children. I was able to find the very first thing to look at when the problem was presented to me, and that was to see where learning occurs. This is my strength in writing Task1A. So, I went on through a research that says learning is fast and rapid at an early stage.

And the home is where an individual is normally at during this stage. And from this, I came up with an answer that says parents are fundamental factors in the learning of an individual because they are the ones present during a persons early stage. My failure happened when I did not look at how much learning happens in school. This is my weakness”failure to look on multiple views and relating it to one another and discerning. The necessary thing to do to be able to answer the question was to compare the acquisition of knowledge and skills and the learning of an individual in school and at home.

I only based my answer on only one which is at home. Also, there might be other ways to which we could learn aside from school and at home with our parents. The environment must have considered in this assignment. Where does one really learn fast? Is learning relative with one individual to another? I should have looked for more information and different factors before I wrote down the essay. I also failed to recognize the fact that my opinion is not the absolute solution to the problem. There would be a lot of ways to educate an individual, depending on his/her culture, society, and the technology present.

I need more practice in finding more and better views. I must also be able to see all necessary factors that must be considered to resolve a conflict rather than just focusing on only one because these other factors may be more important and more relevant than the one factor Ive considered. Considering all necessary factors may prevent me from drawing incorrect conclusion will drive me not into confusion. Reference: Browne, M. N. , Keeley, S. M . (2000). Asking the Right Questions. USA: Prentice-Hall.

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