Biblical World View about the Euthanasia, Suicide, and Capital Punishment Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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To put a patient to death by withdrawing the life-sustaining medications or using medical act when the patient has little probability to revive from the disease or the unconsciousness is called euthanasia. After I read the chapter ten from The Right to Die and the Right to Kill, I comprehend that euthanasia is legal in some specific circumstance. In biblical way, the euthanasia should be prohibited because it is consider murder. But as the article says sometimes the euthanasia is reasonable.

In my point of view, if a patient may ask for euthanasia to death, as a Christian, I will try to encourage the patient to live strong. I believe God do not give something that more than we could bear. Miracles happen every day, several true stories I heard that some patients with some lethal diseases survived from death by the cheer of their family and bless of God. But it does not means euthanasia is a bad thing. For instance, if the modern medical knowledge can no longer avoid the death and when the death is excruciating for the patient, with the permit of the patient the euthanasia is passable. In some circumstance, as a patient has been constantly unconscious, the family members of patient can choose to use the Euthanasia. Also I deem that euthanasia could apply to the capital punishment. To sum up, euthanasia is an acceptable means, but it should be done legally.


The definition of suicide as I learn from the article is that suicide is a self conflict, a severe sin of self-murder which is a selfishness or hopelessness act. The statistic shows us that suicide is a momentous social issue that the number people who committed suicide every year more likely higher than the number of people who dead in battle field. Commit suicide

The reason why I have the negative view of suicide, it was a sore challenge to some one physically and mentally, and would also remain adverse impact to all the people who are related to him. Commit suicide is very disrespectful behavior to their family, friend, society.

There are various types of suicide, but there usually two cause, people who suicide may motive by meaningful purposes or by emotion. People who committed suicide for further purpose are satisfactory. And a confident person will probably conquer the emotional suicide.

Christians do not easily attempt to suicide, because God do not give something that more than man could bear. The saved people will have the eternal life in the heaven. It signifies the suicide is forgiving. But we should not easily think about suicide by some meaningless emotion. God is the only one who is to come to a decision how and when people should die. In my view, when I need to face the suicide, I believe the best way to do is read the scriptures and pray for God.

Walt Ye

Capital Punishment

For all who draw the sword will die by the sword. Matthew 26:52, I believe this one of the best testimony of the capital punishment. The mentions of capital punishment in the scripture occur many times. It reveals the significance demand, because it shows the righteous of the society. A Christian commit murder is possible, but he should really need to think his or her salvation. Because Bible teaches us to love your enemies, the murder is unforgivable behave for a true Christian. God will forgive the sin, but the murderer should accept their civil law punishment. Sometimes, the investigation is very important, because the government may out the wrong person to death. In my personal perspective, the capital punishment is very necessary and an efficient tool of reduce the crime which could ensure the safety of our society.

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