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BLENZ Company Profile

BLENZ Coffee is a Canadian chain of franchise coffee shops. BLENZ was founded in Vancouver in 1992, and has grown to over 82 franchises in six countries. Presently the majority of locations are located in British Columbia, with 35 international stores in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, the Philippines, China and Japan. BLENZ is primarily a coffee shop, but also serves a variety of hot and cold beverages, desserts, and assorted food items such as wraps and sandwiches.



Extensive beverage menu
Large food and dessert selection compared to competition
Free Internet at 41 coffee house locations
Talented baristas (coffee-maker, waiters)
Quality coffee bean and teas
Innovative beverage development
Large coffee houses
Alternative to brand leader


No clear brand direction
No clear values or mission
Mixed messaging, too many claims
Contradictory aspirations
No consistent communication tone, language, manner
No consistent communication imagery, typography, design
Less consistency across outlets compared to competitors
Less focused on experience
Unknown company history and background


Showcase largest menu of most coffee houses
Increase awareness of frequent innovative drinks
Emphasize talented and award-winning baristas
Canadian owned and operated (started in Vancouver)
Alternative to global coffee house chains, something different Consistent experience of a chain, with the atmosphere of a local cafe A lot of action at coffee houses


Competition from better-known coffee houses
Coffee houses with better locations
Competing coffee houses companies with higher quality products Competing coffee houses companies with higher perceived quality Competing coffee house companies with higher perceived status Independent coffee houses

Chain coffee houses
Inexpensive coffee houses
Instant coffee or complimentary coffee at work or businesses Cafes with larger menu selection
Status in middle ground between brand leader and independent cafes People making coffee and beverages at home

There are many reasons for BLENZ Coffees success so far; and this comes from their will to have convenient locations for the Customer. Moreover, their products are of the highest quality and their service continues to bring people back.

BLENZs History
BLENZ COFFEE opened its first store in February 1992 on the corner of Robson and Bute Street in Vancouver, British Columbia. The first BLENZ store was to be a testing ground to ensure that the concept and systems were strong enough to grow and compete with other international chains. The founders of BLENZ COFFEE are Brian Noble, Sarah Moen and Geoffrey Hair, each bringing his own personal strengths and combined bringing a wealth of business experience to BLENZ COFFEE. The success of BLENZ COFFEES first store and the founders commitment to education and standards made franchising a natural choice. Today BLENZ now has 61 stores in British Columbia and also operates internationally in Japan and the Philippines.

BLENZs Philosophy
BLENZ COFFEE is a premium retailer of hand-crafted coffees, whole leaf teas, Belgian hot chocolate and other innovative and delicious specialty beverages. From the start, the founders of BLENZ COFFEE have always had a passion for quality. This passion is reflected in our commitment to using only authentic, premium ingredients in their beverages. All BLENZ beverages are made in-store from only the highest quality ingredients available. It is this commitment to serving quality beverages, prepared with care and attention by their highly trained baristas, in a warm and contemporary environment that has fuelled BLENZ COFFEES growth from its inception.

BLENZs Products
BLENZ COFFEE are retailers of high quality whole bean coffees, beautiful whole leaf organic teas and premium Belgian chocolate beverages to name but just a few of their product offerings. They are known as experts at authentic preparation methods and handmade beverages. They are not just purveyors of exciting and innovative beverages; they also offer a fabulous selection of baked goods, breakfast, lunch and snacks, among other delicious treats to tempt Customers.

BLENZ: How to feel concerned by future

They are aware of this fact which is that todays world could not be more uncertain. Unemployment continues to rise; the stock market continues to fall. BLENZ take control of the future of unemployed valuable people, with their career opportunities.

BLENZ: How to feel concerned by Canadians lifestyle
Even in the face of economic uncertainty, consumers still demand their favourite affordable luxuries like premium coffee and tea. Canadas coffee market is a $3 Billion Dollar industry. Coffee is still the most popular beverage in Canada and second only to water, of all beverages consumed among adults 25 and older. And quality teas, are also rapidly gaining in popularity. BLENZ premium coffees and teas are second to none. They give people their chance to seize the opportunity to enjoy their lifestyle and profits with a successful BLENZ COFFEE franchise.

BLENZ: How to combine Career Opportunities and Safety

Fulfil your long held dream to own your own business, and really be the Boss without all the trial and error that goes into a new business venture. BLENZ helps you manage the risks and become a leader in your local business community. BLENZ COFFEE shops are known as fun, and fast paced social environments. Theyre also a secure training ground for children to gain self-reliance and pride as young entrepreneurs.

BLENZ: The will of being everywhere
BLENZ has opportunities in both established and new markets they are making available for the first time. You can develop one store. Or you may wish to be considered for an Area Development opportunity to open several stores in a Territory. Typical stores costs range from $225,000 to $400,000, depending on store size.

BLENZ: Festival & Events partner

Vancouver Film

Fringe Festival

BLENZ & Harbour Cruises

BLENZ & The Beat 94.5FM

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