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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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A hero or heroine does not necessarily have to come from the political or revolutionary realm in order to be considered as such. Contrary to the popular belief that a person has to give up ones life to become a hero/heroine, the true essence of this recognition is seen on how an individual touches and changes other peoples lives. This kind of people could come from any walk of life, any continent, and even from any kind of occupation. The aforementioned idea is exemplified by a simple musician who was able to influence the lives of many people that goes by the name of Bob Marley.

Robert Bob Nesta Marley embodies the idea of a true hero because he was able to help other people through the skill, which he excelled in. The true essence of the word hero should involve the idea of how a person could be able to aid others as well as contribute in making the society better through the talent or things that he is good at. The characteristics of Bob Marley show this idea of heroism because he is aware and sensitive to the problems that are happening around his environment.

In relation to this, what makes him really exceptional is the fact that he did not simply sit down and apathetically disregard these issues only shows his concern towards his fellow people. Furthermore, he was able to concretely put into action this sympathy that he felt through his music, which paved the way for him to approach many people in the world. The art of music became an instrument for Bob Marley to expressed his opinion and stand towards the dilemmas happening during those times. Due to this, he was able to voice out not only his own feelings but also the sentiments of other people who could relate to his songs.

His music was able to reach many parts of the world, which became essential for his message to be appreciated by other people. The powerful meaning of his songs still continues because it represents political repression, and artistic as well as metaphysical insights. His songs have been a source of inspiration to people coming from the third world country and even the developed territories of the west. Some westerners saw a new light in listening to Marleys song. They were enlightened with the real situation of developing countries, which reformed their perspectives about other nations (The Life and Legacy of Bob Marley, n. p).

Moreover, he also revolutionized the perspective of most people towards the idea of slavery. The impact of his song go as far as New Mexico, New Zealand, Indonesia, India and even parts of West Africa wherein most slaves came from. Bob Marley was considered as a redeemer in these places because of the worth that he gave to the people who were regarded as mere commodities of forced labor before (The Life and Legacy of Bob Marley, n. p). He was able to bring the self-confidence and importance of these people through the life-changing lyrics of his songs.

His contribution to the music industry and his influence to the world also gave recognition to his country. Bob Marley is regarded as the first artist in Jamaica that reached international success and stardom. He aided in introducing the rich music of his native land to the other parts of the globe. In line with this, he also informed the international community of the everyday life of the Jamaican people in terms of poverty and oppression as well as their strong spirituality, which have been their main source of strength (Ankeny, n.

p). Bob Marley was regarded as one of the most popular and respected personalities in the third world and most especially in his Jamaican country. Wherever he went may it be in the Caribbean, Africa, and even in Europe he was always widely welcomed with the peoples love and admiration. The heroic status that Bob Marley has attained is unquestionable especially when the United Nations gave him a special citation on behalf of developing countries in 1979 (White, n. p. ).

Bob Marley is indeed a legendary icon that had transformed not only the world of music but also the very society in which he lived in. Works Cited. His Story: The Life and Legacy of Bob Marley. 2 July 2008 . Ankeny, Jason. Bob Marley: Biography. 2 July 2008 . White, Timothy. Bob Marley: 1945-1981. 25 June 1981. Rolling Stone. 2 July 2008 .

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