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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Womens rights has for a long time been topical issue. Throughout history women are portrayed as the inferior counterpart of men. Many women including those today are shown to disprove this idea . They have completed varying levels of education. They have worked for the environment for peace and leaders of important businesses. Yet still in todays modern society women still live with this prejudice. As children we are corrupted by old stereotypes of womens duties being brought up encourage by motherhood with dolls and toys unlike the man.

As we age we witness more inequality between both males and females such as men having higher paid jobs and are seen more suitable to significant roles in the workplace Encouraged through the belief that men are genetically more aggressive as opposed to females who believed to be nurturers. This divide in duties can even be seen in the Bible where Eves role is to have children whilst Adams works the fields. [1] Only shortly have women been able to move away from the being the mans possession. Women have now got the ability to vote. Women were prohibited from voting in the United Kingdom.

By 1918[2], the Representation of the Peoples Act allowed women over 30 the right to vote. However it was a further ten years to abolish the age qualification making men and women equal in the ability to vote. Until the mid-nineteenth century were women allowed to own possessions. [3] The statement of positive gender discrimination should be encouraged in the work place is extremely controversial. Whilst many men may agree with the statement. Discrimination of any kind is widely believed to be wrong as it often connotes with pain and suffering.

Treating people differently through prejudice will have catastrophic impacts on society. Although the gap between men and women has reduced. Women are still finding it much more difficult in getting the same wages, benefits and job opportunities as men. Many women want to continue their job after having a child. The hardships faced by looking after and financially supporting a family are a difficult task. However as opposed to being rewarded many women believe that motherhood and being on maternity leave are restricting womens ability to progress in the work place.

Women face prejudice in masculine domains. Only until the equal pay of 1963 it was common that women would be paid less than a man for doing the same job. Yet although womens position in the workplace has improved inequality still remains. Secondly there is the importance of parenthood. Parenting is important in order for a healthy development of a child. Many believe that children are more likely to better develop with both a male and female role model. Yet gender inequality is encouraging young women to have little ambitions for work. Ambition is an important quality all should be proud to hold.

Yet encouraging discrimination will increase unemployment issues and lead to lower quality of life for many. In enforcing this plan many young women may revoke to crime in order to sustain income crucial to finance a family. Additionally there is no scientific evidence to prove that women are more inferior to men when it comes to the work place. All jobs require diversity within their employees in order to be successful. In fact discouraging women may lead to business failure. The majority of businesses today rely of women as their target market.

Yet without women to lead these businesses one may argue men may not be as successful in advertising product to women in order to influence sales. In recent years Women rights or consistently expressed in the news. Newspapers divulge the worries women face when dealing with a pregnancy due to the vast impact it has on her work life in the Guardian women explain if you take time out and have children, it does damage your trajectory in some way. [4] Despite there being The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 which prohibits employers from discriminating against workers based on pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions.

[5] Additional statistics such as 51% though the attitudes of colleagues and bosses towards them had changed since the announced their pregnancy. This again reinforces how rife stereotypes of women still are. [6] Lastly an argument to oppose statement is shown by the examples of influential women in history. For example Hillary Rodham Clinton a presidential candidate in 2008, she won more primaries and gathered more delegates than any woman in U. S. history. Rosa Park- a woman famously refused to give up her bus seat to a white man. This was a turning point in the civil rights movement and in doing so showed commitment and bravery.

Many women today and in years past all showed leadership, power, and ability to speak out-All of which a key for a successful business. However some people do agree with the statement believing in the conventional idea that women do not believe that women being in high-power positions, due to the belief they are not aggressive enough. Some even believe the womens role is staying home looking after the children. it is rare to see women who earn more than the man within a relationship. This view is particularly common in less developed countries as jobs tend to be labour based.

Making it increasingly difficult from women to have a job. In conclusion I believe although inequality of women of women has greatly improved. There are still areas particularly within work where women are still stereotyped . Some scientist analysed data from work place surveys taken predominantly in the U. S but also Canada. Europe and East Asia. They found that employees reactions to women leaders reflect Gender stereotypes. I believe we today should not judge those on their race, genders or background. Yet their ability and achievements.


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