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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Arthur millers a view from the bridge is set in a slum side in red hook, which faces the bay on the seaward side of Brookliyn Bridge in New York. The background to the conflict is built around a working class couple (Eddie and Beatrice Carbone) and their niece (Catharine.) The small Family also had help from two of Beatrices cousins from Italy (Marco and Roldopho) to obtain the Conflict and perhaps push main character Eddie Carbone to the end of his tether. Marco and Roldopho had travelled from Europe of which, at this point of time had still been suffering from the political and financial effects of World War 2. Europe was very poor at this point of time because during the war the tax prices had risen to pay for military supplies, however Marco and Rodolfo travelled to America for a better chance to survive. Whilst Marcos aims where purely to support his wife and growing family in Italy, Roldopho had planed to buy a motorcycle to satisfy his shallow needs.

Catherine, on the other hand, lives with Eddie and Beatrice because her mother died in a tragic event.. So Eddie has taken on a father figure in her life (even though he is not her biological father) and he treats her like his own child. But when we read more into the book we learn that eddies loves Catherine in more than a father and daughter way. So when Marco and Rodolfo turn up at their flat in the 1940s Catherine takes a liking to Rodolfo, so I feel that Eddie is building up with jealousy and gets more and more physically and sexually attracted to Catherine.

So the fact that Eddie has become more and more physically and sexually attracted to Catherine the relationship between Eddie and Beatrice even though they are married is going down hill. I think this is because Eddie is thinking about Catherine most of the time or even all of the time. This means that there is a lot of tension between the two of them we can tell there is a lot of tension between them as when Beatrice decides to show Eddie affection Eddie sustains and is always too distracted by the thought of Catherine and Rodolfo. So Eddie creates a lot of tension by trying to control Catherines life.

When the attraction between Catherine and Rodolfo gradually becomes a love relationship Eddie learns to know this and he then trys to end their relationship. But in trying to do this Eddies true feelings about Catherine start to appear in the play. Eddies dislikes Rodolfo as he is blonde, sings and makes dresses and eddies wants a man for Catherine but Rodolfo in eddies eyes is not a man. Eddie thinks that Rodolfo is not a man because he does not have a family to provide for and because he spends his first set of wages on a new jacket, meanwhile Marco is sending money back to italy/cill for his family. The money Marco sends to Italy Sicily gets some medicine for his son.

This gives Eddie enough treason to not like Rodolfo so towards the end of the act Eddie goes to speak to alfieri nd this really shows the reader that Eddie is getting desperate to have his chances with Catherine and to be rid of Rodolfo. But Alfieri sees that Eddy has way too much love for Catherine and tells him to let her go thats my advise you did your job now its her life wish her luck and let her go because theirs no law Eddie make up your mind to it the law is not interested in this. But Eddie cannot let her go and he cannot accept that he cannot control her anymore. But then Alfieri tries to reason with Eddie and calm him down but when Alfieri suggests that Eddie is in love with Catherine Eddie doesnt like his feelings being talked about so then alfieri asks Eddie she cant marry you can she? and Eddie replies whatre you on about? Marry me! I dont know what the hell you are talking about!

The beginning of the play starts off with a little speech from Alfieri about the end before it even happens. This scene is quite important as it tells us a little about the play and what it is going to be about. The play is a tragedy as it starts off with a normal couple living with a niece and then one of the couples cousins comes to them for shelter from Italy. But one of the cousins falls in love with Catherine (the niece). So as the relationship between them get stronger the love from Eddie to Catherine gets stronger and Eddie wants more from the relationship that he cannot get. This builds up a load of tension between them, which eventually turns into a tragedy.

Arthur miller creates moments of intense conflict in this act by making the characters use a lot of jealousy among them, which creates moments of intense conflict. Some of the moments of intense conflict is when Eddie challenges Rodolfo to a boxing match and ends up really punching him. (Maybe to take his anger out on him) and also when Marco challenges Eddie to a chair lift with one hand. Eddie cannot do this but when Marco succeeds in doing this the look in Marcos eyes are giving Eddie a little message. I think the message Marco is giving to Eddie is if you pick on my little brother you will have to pass me first! Maybe I am wrong but thats how his look seemed to me.

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