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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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When building an organization the main focus will be to help the public with specific needs. We will have to build the business on ethics and human service laws. The main goal is to help those in need and do this with respect and caring. There are many ways to run an organization and we need to choose the right services to meet the needs in the community we serve. The organization is for the help for people living with Alzheimers and the people that love them. We will be there to offer services for the person suffering from the disease and their families. The services offered will be assistance at home, a live in if necessary, counseling for the family, and client, and a residential home. Services include shopping, sitting when a day out might be needed. We will offer a class to help the family understand the disease and its progression, and have group counseling to help them support each other. This is a not for profit organization. Helping people should be top priority over making money. Human services are about helping the people in our communities in need of services. The mission statement: To support and develop programs through education to teach how to live with the daily changes, and to strengthen family ties. We have to let them know they can count on us for understanding and support. This will support the ethical system by keeping the respect and dignity of our clients, supporting them in their time of need, and giving the family the support that is needed to face the day-to-day heartache that comes with watching your loved one suffer.

The message that this mission statement will put out in the community is we will be there for them. We will not turn them away when the need is there. We have let the community know they can count on us to provide the necessary services to their loved ones, and also help them through a difficult time. Coping with this disease is not an easy thing to do. The services that will be provided will help the families understand that this does not have to be a burden, and will help them to know that their loved one is getting the necessary care and love to help them in the progression of this disease. Having an ethical leader in the organization will help to have ethical social workers. Having a leader that is respected and trusted in the community will benefit the organization as well as the community and clients. The organization is only as good as its leaders. Our values in the organization will be: Commitment to the public, commitment to superior service and to maintain the publics trust, and respect. Having empathy for our clients and their families, dignity and self-worth of all that seek help, and the importance of human relationships. Respecting the diversity of our clients and their families at all times, and we will not discriminate against anyone for any reason. Treating our clients with the dignity and respect that every human being is entitled to is what can be expected when they walk through the door.

This helps support the vision that the organization has for its future. To have our clients and their families living with dignity and having control over a terrible disease, to have the community see and know that our clients receive the services to have as happy a life as possible. The staff will be highly trained in the area of Alzheimers to assist, and care for our clients, and be there to help the families with all the means available to the organization. We can put all this into action within the organization, and this will benefit the clients and community as well as the employees. We need an ethical leader who can set an example for the employees. The leader will need to always show their leadership with the ethics that we want to have within the organization. This will help teach the employees how to behave and always keep the mission in mind and work toward the vision that the organization has for the community and the clients. Abiding by the ethics laws and the human service laws will help with the code of conduct that is expected of all employees in the organization. According to Statement of values and code of ethics for nonprofit and philanthropic organizations (2004) going through the process with the board and staff also begins to infuse into the culture of the organization recognition of how important it is to address issues of values and ethics on an ongoing basis. All the employees need to be involved with the process so they fully understand what is expected of their behavior in the organization every day.

When difficult situations arise with clients all employees will handle the situation the same way, and make sure that the client has their needs met in an ethical and respectful way. Social workers have a code of ethics that are an important part of the job. According to NASW (2013) social workers have an ethical responsibility to their clients, self-determination, competence, social diversity, privacy and confidentiality. All laws will be posted around the organization so they will be seen daily and keep the mission in the minds of the employees daily. Our clients will respect the organization and the employees for always using ethical conduct and fairness when it concerns helping them find the right services that work. If more services are needed than we have to offer the clients they can have peace knowing they will be sent to an ethical place to have the services needed that will work together with what we offer the clients. When a social worker in the organization as not conducted themselves in an ethical way, and has caused problems will be reprimanded. The clients dignity comes first in the organization. Dealing with a disease that has no cure is devastating to the family, and it is a horrific disease for the client to deal with. Having caring people treating them with love and respect makes a big difference in their world. Offering as much assistance as we can by the programs we have and services we offer will make a big difference in their day-to-day routine. Letting them know they are not alone, and we will be there to make it a bit easier to get through.


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