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Published: 2020-01-29 10:41:27
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Companies use team building to create a more motivated work force and a climate where people can support each other towards attaining a common goal for the company. Team building done under duress might not achieve the purpose of team building for a given organisation. The paper looks into the difficulties the team will face. The paper then analyses challenges that the team members face such as lack of funds, lack of resources and how they affect the effectiveness of the team members.

Further the paper looks into personnel problems and how time and lack of it will affect team building. Team building duress Difficulties experienced in team work are differences in education levels, social differences of the employees may be cited as a major factor that affects employees. Professional and workplace issues if associated with work place issues they are a hindrance to good team building and may lead to lower productivity in team work therefore to solve this difficulty then each team member has to be appreciated with his contribution but no looked down upon.

Gender disparities, among the organizational members are also a difficulty that can be experienced in team work building especially for multinational organizations. Communication barrier that is either luck of it may lead to poor team building since conflicts cannot be solved by poor communication. Bad or wrong leader may determine the level of team building therefore luck of good leader and the commitment of the members must be appreciated so as not to experience difficulties in team building.

It is easy to build trust but where resources such as computer soft ware or unreliable internet connections may end up destroying the confidence of the team members even before the team has began due to finger pointing and hence the team may loose the opportunity to succeed even before it has began. Lack of qualified personnel is a threat of the resources a company may have this will mean that the team will be lacking skilled labour. In having enough resources a company can have joint team building therefore reducing the costs.

Tools to carry out team building may also be a deficiency in carrying out team building Difficulties a team may experience in shortage of funding may include delays in projects to be done and therefore it may make the team members luck the clear focus on the goal and the time it intended to finish the project t his will uninspired the personnel. Looking at the personnel one has to identify the problem that each one faces and then try to prioritise them . Personnel problem may be lack of skills or new team members might be a problem facing them so that they are not productive .

Analysing each problem by the team leader will be essential in achieving productivity. In attaining good team work the employees should be trained and respect for all the employees regardless of there level is essential for a strong team work. Another problem that arises in personnel is leadership among the members; the members should compliment each other this will help the team appreciate the different skills they have in building team work. In solving personnel problems it is important that the team leader looks in to the contributing factors of the problems before trying to solve them.

He should determine trigger events then see how each team member will react to it. A team should have a good leader who emerges naturally other than a leader who fights for power this is because some of the power fighting leaders might intimidate the team members (Geoff, 98, p186). Time is essential for each company this is because productivity of a company is measured in time and when employees complain of not having enough or there time management is poor then the company is failing.

Time management is essential and the standard time should be measured with the average performance of all employees. Enough time is will help the people perform their duties well but limited time will produce unwanted or poor results. Critical needs in team building are having trust within the members that is each member believes that he is good in whatever he does and that also the other members are equally important and that he cant do without them. Communication is also important for the team good communication within the team members and his ability of the leader to deliver information.

A team without a good leader to spearhead it then it is bound to fail a team leader who does not compliment and allow trust his workers to build trust and socialize then he is on a road towards failure . Lastly a team should have a clear goals and objectives it intends to do in order to attain the goals it has set. In order of importance team communication leads the list these is because without proper communication among the members and the leader and among the members themselves then the team is bound to fail .

Secondly clear focused goals accepted by everyone will build trust among the members and the will have a group commitment of attaining the goals and not individual interests that they satisfy. Thirdly a good team leader who has build trust and openness among members and allows the team members to make decisions and coordinates them is a critical need that the team can not do without (Geoff, 98 p186) The possible scenarios in luck of resources is team members having problems with their computer connection or internet the probability of having a faulty machine will be 0. 1 this will reduce the confidence of the team members.

In not having enough qualified staff is a possible threat since it affects the production the probability might be two percent since no organization has unqualified staff. Shortage of funds for an organization will affect the productivity of firm and in many cases it will lead to delay in organizational budget. Delayed budget means low job moral work force. For example a delay in releasing funds for a given project this depends on how the organization values its project and the probability of a company wanting to finance or not is fifty percent this is a win -win situation among those who are for the project and those who do not want.

A personnel competing for power is a negative aspect of team building and there will be always two or more members fighting for power instead of complementing each other. Two out of ten members will want to lead a team. Low job moral among the team members is another scenario that can affect team work; with these the teams needs cannot be achieved and the probability of it succeeding will be 40% (Geoff, 1998, p186). A leader who undermines his workers or team members may make an effective team force to fail not because of lack of skills or qualified personnel but due to his bad leadership skills.

The probability of a team having a good leader is one out of ten this means many teams fail because of having a bad leader who can not coordinate the team members to achieve a good results. Late comings and none completion of work on time is a sign that there are problems in the team work such cases should be looked into and a decision made on whether they should face disciplinary action or the time rules should be regulated. Communication plays a vital role in any organization without it the management and the employees will fail.

Rumours which can be basis of lack of communication for example an employee or one of the managers spreading rumours on management having a redundancy is likely to cost the organization image A good team should have an emerging leader who does not intimidate his team and has good natural leadership skills this will enable him lead his team members with no wrangles between them. A good team leader will make a team succeed. Conclusion In conclusion team building helps an organization to achieve its goals in faster way.

Communication is essential for any team to succeed since it will help in coordination of the team activities. Good leaders in teams will help a team succeed at least fifty percent while good communication will do the 30% and a focused and clear goal will help the team succeed at 20% (Geoff, 98 p189) Word Count: 1400 Reference lists Geoff W. (1998): Managing Conflicts/Team Building and organizational Development: Journal of Occupational Psychology: June 1998 volume 17 issue 2

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