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Published: 2019-11-09 03:02:19
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In this assignment I will be explaining how the two businesses that I have chosen from my previous assignment P3, how they present the organisational structure and how strategic planning helps them achieve its purposes and aims. This assignment will include the following * The aims of Coca- Cola and Nike

* How the strategic planning helps them both to achieve these aims * How the organisational structure helps to achieve the aims of both organizations

The aims and purposes of Coca Cola:

The mains aim of Coca cola is to revive the world in mind, body and soul. Coca Cola Company is to provide to ensure this the company ensure that all employees are working to their highest standards test product that they can to the public, and create customer satisfaction. o create the best product, in the quickest possible time to make sure that there is an ability for quick distribution.

The main goals and objectives of Coca-Cola are to be the finest beverage sales and customer Service Company. This means being the first or second brand in every group in which then can contest, being the customers most appreciated supplier and establishing a winning and inclusive culture.

They also aim to never let their high standards of quality fail. To do this, there are strict evaluations at each stage of the manufacture of all products at Coca Cola production plants, throughout the day. When distributing any products, Coca Cola arrange with the distribution companies what standards Coca Cola expect from them. This means that the customer will always be to create a value and make a difference- everywhere they engage and to inspire moments of optimism through their brands and actions

The aims and purposes of Nike:

Nikes main objective is to develop products that help athletes of every level of ability reach their potential, to create business opportunities that set Nike apart from the competition and to provide value for its shareholders. As they are in the private sector the main objective would be to make a profit. However with all organisations this would be surrounded with other aims and objectives that their organisation may have set in place at the beginning of their campaign. For example Nike has an aim to be the largest sporting organisation for the foreseeable future, which they are currently achieving. Other aims and objectives that Nike may set out would be to improve the working conditions of the factories in the Less Economically Developed Countries.

How strategic planning helps Coca-Cola achieve its aims:

Coca-Cola is a household name the company can control soft drink market. Their success can be attributed to their overall strategy to produce and promote their products. Coca-Cola decided to build global brands to bottlers throughout the world. And a portion of the proceeds goes toward advertising to build and maintain brand awareness. Coca-Cola is responsible for producing and distributing to vending machines, supermarkets, restaurants, and other retail outlets. However, the advertising is left up to Coca-Cola. In addition, they must sign an agreement that prohibits them from distributing competing cola brands. Their strategy is simple, yet dynamic. It forces bottlers to enter into exclusive agreements, which creates a high barrier to entry into the industry. Any potential competitor must create their distribution network rather than use the existing one. And the large amounts of money spent on advertising helps to develop a global brand name and differentiate their products.

How strategic planning helps Nike achieve its aims:

The strategic plan aims to focus Nikes vision and priorities in response to a changing environment and to ensure that members of the Nike are working towards the same goals. Strategic management harnesses the full potential of an Nike by integrating daily operational decisions into the strategic process. Strategic management is a task for the whole company all the time. It is a way of thinking and a guide to action, and should govern the behaviour of everybody concerned. It enables Nike to think through and document what they are doing, for whom they are doing it, and why.

How organisational structure helps Coca-Cola to achieve its aims: The Coca-Cola Company, have built flexible structures which, wherever possible, encourage teamwork. For example, at Coca-Cola Great Britain any new product development (e.g. Coca-Cola Vanilla) brings together teams of employees with different specialisms. At such team meetings, marketing specialists clarify the results of their market research and testing, food technologists describe what changes to a product are feasible, financial experts reports on the cost implications of change.

How organisational structure helps Nike to achieve its aims: The organizational structure of a Nike helps affect a workplace culture, employee motivation, performance and cooperation. Selecting the correct structure that compliments Nikes goals and objectives can positively affect employees behaviours and attitudes, as well as a lead to more effective teamwork and networking opportunities that build stronger worker relationships throughout the Nike industrys. Planning and implementing an organizational structure will help determine the necessary workforce talent to build a successful business like Nike.


What I have learnt is that how they style of organisation helps them to fulfil their purposes through there aims and purposes for example, They have built flexible structures which encourage great team work for both organisations. Also and through their strategic planning for example Strategic management is a task for the whole company all the time so they need to organise the company in order to a achieve the best successful organised business.

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