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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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1. Which speech was more persuasive? Explain your answer.

* Anthonys speech was more persuasive because all the people were convinced and went with what he said. 2. What examples of appeals to emotion did Brutus use? What examples did Antony use? Who handled the appeal to emotion better? Explain your answer. * Brutus used brotherly speech and affectation to win people over as his appeal to emotion. * Antony enters dramatically to the pulpit with Caesars body to win the sympathy of the mob. He began his speech by addressing the mob as friends.

* Anthony handled the appeal to emotion better because he almost cried and the people followed him. 3. What examples of appeals to reason did Brutus use? What examples did Antony use? Who handled the appeal to reason better? Explain your answer. * Brutus makes an effective speech that appeal to reason. But he is far surpassed by the cleverness of Antony, who plays directly on the emotions of the crowd. Through the use of irony, he not only manages to suggest that Brutus and his fellow conspirators are not honorable men, he does so without violating the conditions imposed on him: that he not speak ill of the assassins.

4. What examples of appeals to ethics did Brutus use? What examples did Antony use? Who handled the appeal to ethics better? Explain your answer. * Since Anthony cannot say that Brutus and the rest of the council are evil, he uses an ethical appeal, telling the public that Brutus is noble, For Brutus is an honorable man; So are they all, all honorable men -Come I to speak in Caesars funeral.

* How did Antony ultimately win over the crowd? * The people liked Caesar. The senate thought he was becoming ambitious king. When Caesar was assassinated Mark Anthony addressed the people ” his audience. He called Caesar a friend who was faithful and just. He gave the impression that Caesar should not have been assassinate. He reminded them that Caesar was a Great War hero and brought back slaves important to Rome and filled Romes coffers. That he was a generous man.

He had promised to say nothing negative about the assassination of Caesar. So Antony and called the conspirators honorable men, but the tone of his voice spoke otherwise. When he said they are honorable men, he was actually mocking them, and the crowd caught on and started to riot. He curses those that spilt Caesars blood. That Caesars spirit needs revenge. This turns the crowd solely against the senate. * What could Brutus have done differently?

* Brutus loved Caesar but cared for the life of Rome and its people more. This is the only reason Brutus would conspire against Caesar. Had he not conspired against Caesar, things would have gone differently.

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