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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Capitalism is a system that promises equality for all, but some believe that this is only a promise of false hope. The way that people view this statement varies. The view that capitalism is a system that only benefits those who are already wealthy is a concern that many have. While this view is held by many people, others believe that capitalism is beneficial since it provides ways to move from social class to another social class.

In school, one always tries to achieve passing grades to advance to the next level, but what if capitalism were to prevent this advancing to the next level in our social classes? The opponents of capitalism make the claim that capitalism leaves us in the same social class that is determined due to our money. The claim is that we cant move out of our current social class because capitalism doesnt allow us to rise in class because it only makes the richer rich and the poor poorer. The poor arent allowed to gain the skills that can make them richer, and leaves only those in the top tier of earnings to control what the poor are learning. Leaving this power to the rich only can lead people to believe that capitalism makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.

If the government were made up of poor people, would you have confidence in how they control the economy? The government officials are wealthy, and evidence shows that they help the wealthy stay that way, with the help of the capitalism system. The bankers on Wall Street have been continuously bailed out by the government because of their bad investment, which was the instigator for the Occupy Wall Street movement of late 2011. It claimed that the top 1% income earners in the country receive constant government bailouts, and the protest movement called for a change in this system. The protest has not made any significant changes in the capitalism system yet, which helps prove the point that capitalism only makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Although there are some problems in society with the capitalism system, the system also comes with many benefits to society. Capitalism allows for the competition between others, which would be non-existent in a more controlled economic system. This competition between others allows them to try to create a cheaper product for the masses and it also helps improve the quality of the products and services. Democracy is also another benefit, which allows people to choose what they work in and how they do it. With the freedom of choice, people can chose to work in what they are skilled in doing and provide a product that is well worth the cost. The freedom of choice can also attract others from parts of the world where they dont have the option to participate in a free market and allow them to go to a country that is democratic and capitalistic, increasing the amount of unique items a country can produce. If you examine all governments in the past that depended upon a system that was controlled, such as Communist Russia, you see that they werent successful, and eventually their existence came to an end.

Capitalism allows the government to be democratic, which is good for the economy of that country. Capitalism allows that countrys economy to either rise or fall. Although the fall of an economy might be detrimental, whenever a country has an increased rise in their economy, the lives of the inhabitants of that country are greatly improved. The democracy can also give people a peace of mind, knowing that they dont have to fear their government. The free market system also allows many companies to remain in that country, because they have less market restrictions. With market restrictions, the company would move to another country where they have the free market system and would not only take away from the first countrys economy, but also discourage future businesses and corporations to invest in a controlled market economy.

The view that capitalism only makes the rich richer and the poor poorer is one that is held by many and has support, such as not being able to move in social classes. Although this claim has support, the fact that we dont have to fear the government or worry about the economy not growing is strong support for the capitalism free market system. This freedom of social class and government helps ensure that capitalism doesnt make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

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