Capturing The Friedmans Problems Of Truth Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Capturing the Friedmans: Problems of Truth The following questions should be answered in no less than 100 words each. What is Relativism? What does it mean to you? Do you see value in adopting a Relativistic view of existence and the world? Relativism is something that could describe morals, truths, or such things that are not absolute. Relativism describes a limited range, as many put it, not just black and white but different shades of grey. In my opinion, relativism is correct in showing that in many subjects throughout life, there will never be a clear cut black or white definition of someone or something.

I see value in adopting a relativistic view on many fields of thought on existence and the world. However, some relativists can say that a bad person and a good person are one in the same if there are good qualities in a bad person and faults and errors in a good person. This depends on what each per- son is truly living for. How does Relativism relate to the film Capturing the Friedmans? This film relates perfectly with a scenario of relativism by showing the many complexities of in- dividual people, the media, a community, and our society through events that display how every subject in the film is more complex than just simple black and white.

The Friedmans are an ex- ample of the dark shades of grey from a history of sexual abuse, but are still a family that has brighter dimensions for living as human beings. As some Greek philosophers believed that peo- ple are genuinely good. In addition, the reaction of the general community/society show that there isnt a strict pure white (good) color to them, but darker sides as well¦ leading to rein- forcement of relativism, with the various shades of grey dimensions that people have. Who do you find most believable in the film?

What are you basing your viewpoint on? I find that the general community in this film is very believable. The people that live in our soci- ety are not completely homogenous (i. e. different careers, education levels, demographics), but I find it true that when something is presented to society by the media, hysteria often ensues. It is almost comparable to leading a flock of sheep in any direction with the right shepherd. I find myself basing this viewpoint through news events that have occurred over my lifetime, and I am sure before that too. For example, after 9/11 there was plenty of rage and anger that emerged

from the tragedy and it basically united society to punish those responsible. This same effect can be seen on many different levels, such as in this film. Discuss the concept of tele-reality which we covered in class. If you need more information, look up the philosophy of Jean Baudrillard or re-watch the lecture. Tele-reality is an assumed reality that is portrayed by television. The values that our society strives to uphold, are skewed to the desired reality created by TV. Furthermore, this causes a change over time with the actual values of society. This is mostly in part to our dependence on technology, and how vital it is in our lives.

Television is one of the most integral forms of tech- nology that changes and shapes what we actually derive from its tele-reality into our own reality. This cause and effect relationship begins with what is seen as reality from television, the tele-re- ality. Does the concept of Perspectival Relativism create problems in our relationship with ME- DIA? How? The concept of perspectival relativism creates issues with societal relationship with the media. If you can recall some of the major tragedies that have struck the news over the past decade, it is easily seen that the news is first presented to us in a black or white style.

When there is some- thing drastic that happens, human emotion first emerges¦ anger, sadness, rage, etc. And the me- dia typically presents one dimension to the story, which may not always be their fault. For ex- ample, there is often direct praise for a political leader or direct anger and insult. Each event or occurrence about the leader is either presented in a direct white success, or blatant black fail- ure. However, the media does rely on the publics opinion and ratings and may become better at reporting full unbiased stories helping viewers see the relativism in a subject.

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