Cause and Effect: From Ouija Boards to Sleepless Nights Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Cause is defined by the Free Dictionary as the person, condition or event that is accountable for result or action (Cause). It then defines effect as the outcome or result that is brought about by an agent (Effect). In a cause and effect essay, the writer analyzes an action or event based either on the events that caused it or on the events that it caused. For this paper, I would be writing about the cause and effect relationship of Ouija boards and sleepless nights.

Ouija boards, or the piece of boards with printed letters, numbers and symbols, have been a part of many suspense stories and movies. It works by moving the planchette over the letters in correspondence to the queries of the people using it. It is believed that the spirit of the dead present with the crowd is the one responsible for the moving of the planchette since that spirit is the one who is answering the questions (Ouija Board). The authenticity of this is not certain since many do not believe in this.

However, it is still a good component of suspense stories since it adds horror to the story. When I was a child, I was able to watch a film wherein the Ouija board was part of the story. I believed in what had happened in the film, wherein the bad spirit was able to communicate with the living and was able to do them harm. The film scared me about the idea that spirits could cause harm. That film caused me to have a fear early in my life. It is like a trauma wherein I would feel very uneasy every time I would see any picture, film or show having Ouija boards in it.

It did not only cause me to have a fear, it also embarked on me the possibility that spirits could really still exist on earth after leaving their earthly bodies. Some people claim that spirits that have not fulfilled something in their life tend to remain on earth until that something is accomplished. In the movie Casper, the concept of unfinished business is emphasized and is used as the reason why Casper, though being a good spirit, was not able to cross to the after life.

However, amidst the claims that both good and bad spirits exist and roam the earth, the realization about bad spirits overpowers and still caused fear in me. Because of that fear of bad spirits, I began to have a fear of the dark. Every time I remember the film at night, I get scared and could not sleep for fear that a bad spirit would appear at my room and do something on me while I was sleeping or that it would appear in my dreams and give me a very bad nightmare. The Ouija board thing scared me very much and caused me to have trouble with my sleeping.

I feel very uneasy at my bed every time I remember the details of the story and the thought about the bad spirits. This was my experience during my childhood. By having a very young mind, I was gullible back then and the Ouija board easily formed a fear in me and made me believe that bad spirits could really do me harm which then resulted to me having problems sleeping at night. But now, everything has changed; by having a mature mind, I am now able to control my fear and make myself believe that those were just fiction made by some people to entertain.

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