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Published: 2020-01-31 13:00:10
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Texting while driving not only endanger yourself ,but the other people on the road as well. Texting while driving can limit the driver response toward someone coming out from any where else. Whether, if its a child , an adult or a group of people . when you text and drive there is less time to response roadway danger In addition, the usage of phone while driving can cause dangerous environmental to the people around you on the road.

Some people can able to text with out looking at their phone and they might not able to paying attention what going on the road Person eye might on the road , but their focus is on what they are saying on the message. While, they are try to make sure they press the right key on the phone Furthermore, using your cellphone while driving make you unaware of the happenings that may occur on the road ,Thus concentration is important while driving and breaking that concentration cause a risk for an accident Indeed texting while driving cause distractions for your eyes , your mind and your action.

Its is easily possible for your eyes to slip off the road Meanwhile, driving need taken to be taken more serious you never know what to expect on the road . Texting and driving cause own death and other and; In the same way, texting while driving causes many dangers risking not only young teens lives, but also adult lives in future accidents.

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