Causes of Gang Involvement Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Today, gangs in America cause a huge problem. Are there any positives for having a gang in the community? Does anything good come out of having a gang in the area? The answer to all of these questions is no. Gang involvement directly affects neighborhoods and has negative effects on communities.

One of the first reasons a person joins a gang is because of economic despair or deprivation in the area they live in. Gangs form as a way for their group to make money. Some ways gangs earn an income is by selling drugs, committing thefts, prostitution of women, and sometimes even killing others for money. Because of economic despair, gangs are usually found in rundown neighborhoods. When we think of rundown neighborhoods, we think of poor housing and small incomes for those living in the neighborhood. This is why gangs will do just about anything for money. If the community or neighborhood fails to provide a way to earn money, the gangs will have to find other ways to receive an income. Gangs provide the member a way out of economic despair and into the lifestyle of fancy living.

Because of bad economic times, this may cause a gang member to have low self-esteem about themselves. A member might be an outcast at the school they attend and are not well liked even in their own home sometimes. Even their own peers might give them a hard time. The gang entices the possible member with the ability to receive power, respect, and money. Gangs form in order to provide the individual with low self-esteem a chance to build their self-esteem through the gang. The gangs reputation, interaction with gang members, accomplishments of the gang, and gaining power through the gang sends loads of confidence to the new member. This new confidence usually gives the newest member the feeling of invincibility. But, as we all know, no one today is invincible.

The thought of being rich and having the respect of others are two main reasons for members to join a gang. But, one of the simplest and easiest reasons new members join is because simply they can! Gangs from because they can; it is as simple as that. Gangs form when non-gang delinquents and gang delinquents are left for themselves. The groups simply are left unmonitored and have no structure to guide them while living their lives. These individuals are looking for ways to get into trouble and to cause problems. The members also do not respect their elders which also can cause problems. As long as there are victims to prey on, the gangs will prey on them.

Overall, gangs do not send a positive wave of feeling when the word is heard. The members of gangs are troubled and confused individuals who are looking for ways to fill the voids that are in their lives. That is what a gang offers, ways to fill these voids. These are frequently negative ways to complete the person. The causes of gangs directly affect the community and neighborhood where the residents live.

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