CE Student Recounts the Different Faces of His Life Essay

Published: 2019-11-03 13:51:50
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Life as a student, a working student to be exact, is but a small part of my world since there are more things that give color into my life. My relationships with my family, friends, and well girlfriend to be are the other spices of my life. I enjoy doing my hobbies, too.

Cheers for I will be a civil engineering graduate on fall of 2009 in the University of Austin. After graduation, I will try to get an internship in the city to add credentials in my resume. I plan to go to graduate school next. Like I said, I am a working student. I work as a handyman in Four Leaf Tower. Also during weekends, I work as a security in one of city towers. When I finish college, I will be the best civil engineer in the whole wide world.

My family is valuable to me. Though I dont see them often, last time was 3 years ago, I love them so much. They will come to visit me. We plan to go to LA to visit my grandmother. You might want to know, I have an older brother and sister. My brother is a professional civil engineer while my sister is a fourth grade teacher.

Hanging out with friends is one thing I definitely enjoy. Recently, my friends and I went to Corpus Christi. We stayed there for 5 days. There we had a lot of fun time together engaging in different activities like swimming, fishing, and eating barbecues! Im a bit timid when it comes to girls. So I rarely go out to date someone.  Its nerve-wracking for me to approach women. But very recently, I had a date and I think we will be meeting again. We really had a nice conversation.

I love to cook, go out fishing, and read books. I had a Turkish dish called Donar the last time I cooked for a friend. Galveston is a great place to fish. This is where my friends and I hang out to fish. During free time, cool books are my amigos.

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