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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Change is part of the human condition and affects myself, others and the world in diverse and complex ways. To what extent does this statement apply to change as represented in Nam Les two short stories and your own related text? I have developed to a great extent and understanding of the way change is diverse and complex and is very much of the human condition and how it can affect the world and others in it and myself. Change has taught me that people can be different and still belong in this complex world.

I have learnt that change is multidimensional and can cause massive impacts in the world and shares the same human values. Nam Les fictional short stories, in The Boat and Forrest Gump and a film directed by Robert Zemeckis illustrates that change often involves struggle and hardship but can prepare us for the challenges that life may bring and the new opportunities offered for personal growth and overcoming obstacles. Change is a complex process that involves strength and hardship to overcome the initial struggle and may depend on us making our own decisions that can lead to difficulties.

This is evident in Love and Honour and Pity and Pride and Compassion and Sacrifice when Nam, the protagonist is using an antique typewrite to renew his passion for creative writing, I bought an electric Smith Corona¦ It buzzed like a tropical aquarium. Technical language, use of simile suggest that change in the way Nam deals with his personal difficulties and others can bring new colour and life, not only to his writing but his strayed relationship with his Father.

Adapting and being open to change can be an initial struggle but if not embraced and resisted it cannot only impact ourselves, but others around us. Relationships are viewed as a changing aspect in life and without trust or belief there is no path in life to carry on with positively and successfully, this is revealed when Nam did not find his job meaningful and felt pressured to be a lawyer because of his fathers wishes rather than his own. I hated what I was doing¦ mostly I hated that it was my job that made my father proud. The use of high modality language and repetition of the word hate illustrates that change can involve struggle and hardship affecting the world and people around us but can prepare us for life challenges by offering opportunities for personal growth and resilience in the long term. In addition, change can be hidden and revealed in a negative way but embracing change it can lead to new opportunities and perspectives. This is outlined in the words of Nams Father, A day lived a sea of knowledge earned where his Father has expectations of Nam and doesnt find Nams writing skills and accomplishments acceptable.

Technical language, proverb explores the hidden truth that is revealed from the hidden lies that may come up. Change can be viewed as unrevealed and hidden in a negative way but embracing change it can lead to new opportunities and perspectives and a larger outlook towards the human condition and the diverse and complex ways of change and the affects it may bring towards our self and the world around us. Change can make us question our self and our future and make us ask our self what exactly we want in life and result us in making decisions according to our conscious, thoughts, beliefs, and broaden our understanding of the impacts on change.

This is evident in The Boat where we see Mai, the protagonist questioning her conscious and future and the impacts that may uphold with her decisions. ¦Shared conscious of what? Death? Fear? Surrender? The use of a rhetorical question suggest that ourselves and the protagonist, Mai should reflect on this complex view and the great extents or impacts that may occur. Change requires overcoming obstacles including personal difficulties, but however change can bring new colour if we embraced it but initial struggle if resisted, which can not only impact on ourselves but others and the world around us.

In relation, change is represented as unexpected but it embraced positively can help to overcome obstacles that may lead to greater self-awareness. This is evident in Nam Les lines, she stayed in that human cocoonTechnical language, personification suggests that change is very part of the human condition and can be feared in the short term but can be tackled to aim long term opportunities even if the initial path was a dangerous experience it can be embraced to uphold a brighter future even if there is a risk or impacts on ourselves and others.

Change also has to be viewed openly in order to deal with its effects constructively. This aspect of change is represented where Mai is instructed from her uncle to hide and escape waiting for her Mothers next letter. It was the first and finial confirmation of her lifes new plan¦ Imperative tone and the use of imagery conveys that there is hope for a new future and Mai has realised her initial new life plan, accepting the complex and multidimensional content change can bring and the impacts it can surround.

It is shown through the idea of fear and the experiences of loss and the impact of complex changes we realise our confirmed new life plan. Change is apart of the human condition, which can be revealed as up fronting but reflecting on our past may help us overcome certain complex and diverse issues and move forward into the future. This is reflected in the ending scene of Forrest Gump, where we view through the Camera angle shots and mise-en-scene, Forrest grown up still running and reminiscing on Jennys words, Run, Forrest, Run.

These film techniques reminisce us on Forrests childhood and Jennys passion towards believing in Forrest. Change is reflected through Forrest remembering his past relationship with Jenny and not giving up on him self and others. We may have to go through complex and diverse changes in our life to find our self with the correct initial path and journey even if that initial path was always right in front of us.

This is evident in the middle scene where Forrest and Jenny are running towards each other than slowly pausing once their close. You can come home with me, to my house in GreenBow, ill take care of you. Birds eye view and non-diegetic voice over represents the emotion and significance of Jenny and Forrest always finding themselves next to each other even if they both undertook different paths and experienced different changes through life impacting on themselves and others.

Change is represented as making an individual choice for an important life changing path but than can conclude in ending up in the path or relationship that always was in front of us but never realised, this is relevant in the wider world and can impact on ourselves and others as decisions help determine our future life changing path. Change can make us question our self and our future and ask what exactly we want in our life and result in us making a decision according to our conscious, thoughts and beliefs.

This is shown in a zooming shot of Forrest not interacting with his mother but thinking of his own thoughts with non-diegetic voice over, Its funny what a young man recollects. Zooming shots and Vectors uphold our attention and focus on Forrest and provide his perspective and emotion questioning change weather to be bad or good and is thinking about what experience his life may up bring for him. Change shares the human value of questioning ourselves, and how it may effect us in the long term.

It points out the tragedy of a developing issue in Forrests body and how he can over come this issue without seeing it as a negative for himself. This is relevant in the wider world and is a part of the human condition and is viewed through complex and diverse ways that affect ourselves, and others around us. In conclusion, Nam Les short stories from The Boat and my related text, Forrest Gump, has broaden my understanding of how change is a part of the human condition and if not embraced in certain ways can affect the world and others around it in a diverse and complex way.

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