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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Many parents that have kids want to stay at ome during the early years of the childrens youth, but after those years they cant afford to go back to work. Over 50% of moms that usally stay home and want to go to work but just cant afford to acording to Ms. Truss. About 17% of moms that did work couldnt earn enough to be able to have money that would last awhile. While 12% cited a lack of job opportunities.

Ms. Truss believes that stuff like this shouldnt stop people from helping the 52% of moms find an affordable childcare so that they can go out and looks for an affordable job. Mrs. Truss wants to have a deregulated childcare system, unlike the other childcares, to have a sinle nursery double with the amount of children they are responsable for. Anand Shukla, Chief Executive of the Family, Parenting Insitute, and Daycare Trust wonder if carers and the self-employed will be eligible for this financial support and said something about the devil will be in detail. The Labour has warned if they cut the nursery staffing levels, it could threaten child safty of the children that are being taken cared of while there parents are working.

If stuff like this keeps happening, and they do cut nursery staffing levels, i think the problem would get worse, kids might be killed from carlessness from the lowered class nursery staff, more parents would stay home to protect there kids. If they want to provent stuff like this, they cant cut the nusery staffing level and have to find something that is less important they can cut to be able to let mothers keep there jobs and so there kids can be safe. They could cut off stuff like entertainment or stuff like amusment parks, just some examples but in my oppion, taking care of the future generation is more important than these two examples. As long as they dont take drastic messures like cutting nursery staffing levels, the future for them looks pretty good as long as they cut stuff of less important value.

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