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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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1) From the information about Chobani in the case at the start of the chapter, (a) whom did Hamdi Ulukaya identify as the target for his first cups of Greek yogurt and (b) what was his initial 4Ps marketing strategy? a. Hamdi Ulukaya first targeted young and fit Americans with his first cup. b. Hamdi Ulukayas initial 4Ps marketing strategy involved product, price, place, and promotion. For product, he focused on the packaging. Made the cup with bright colors so people would be attracted to it. For price, he went straight to the retailers instead of going through distributers. He decided to sell this at every conventional yogurt aisle of traditional supermarkets in America. The last P is promotion and at first the only advertisement they had was word of mouth.

Eventually they got money and used traditional advertisement, social media, and direct communication with the customer. 2) (a) What marketing actions would you expect the companies selling Yoplait, Dannon, and PepsiCo yogurts to take in response to Chobanis appearance and (b) how might Chobani respond? a. What I would expect from these three yogurts is for them to rethink the 4Ps. I believe they will focus on how they are promoting their product and also how the product looks. b. I think Chobani will respond with something better in both promoting and how the product looks due to Chobani setting the new standard of the product.

3) What are (a) the advantages and (b) the disadvantages of Chobanis Customer Loyalty Team that handles communication with customers-from phone calls and emails to Facebook and Twitter messages?

a. Advantages
Keeps the company updated with new product ideas
The communication is faster with having this specific team

b. Disadvatages
Could be too slow to read and respond to every email and message 4) As Chobani seeks to build its brand, it opened a unique retail store in New York City: Chobani SoHo. Why did Chobani do this? Chobani did this to explore what type of new markets and products they could find in the U.S. They are trying to find the people that like flavors that are very unique. For example, pistachios and chocolate yogurt. 5) (a) What criteria might Chobani use when it seeks markets in new countries and (b) what three or four countries meet these criteria?

a. The Criteria Chobani might use when seeking new markets is flavor, price, and cultural differences. I believe the flavor cant to be too crazy, it has to be somewhat a little similar to American. The price has to be affordable to the average man. What I mean about the cultural differences is similar to what I said about the flavor, it cant be something completely different to what Americans are used to here in the U.S. b. I believe this criterion fits Canada, Ireland, and Mexico.

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