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Published: 2020-01-27 22:52:57
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1. What are Cirques product and strategy? The cirque product is a circ show without animals, the main features of this show are: clowns, acrobats and gymnasts. The difference between Cirque du soleil and other circs is that the first one tries to make the show unforgettable by adding music specially composed for each show and also an elaborated attrezzo (lights and scenario). The Strategy that Cirque used is a blue ocean strategy, this strategy consist in creating a new industry from an existing one, so they reinvented the circus so we can say that they create a new industry. 2. How has Cirque structured and supported its casts to deliver superior performance? The Cirque tried to support each member of the cast when talking about habits and culture of each member. They tried to make it easier to each member to be in the road in every tour.

Also, the management tries to give what artist asks, for example in the case there is a clown that explains that the clown section wanted a specific professor and the cirque hired him to teach the section of the clowns. With children they try to be as careful as possible, and they try to make a good environment to them. 3. What is the role of marketing? Since the Cirque du soleil is defined as a luxury good, definition that the same company states, the marketing role here is to sustain this category. What marketing has to do is to follow the same strategy that has followed in the entire Cirques history, promote the Cirque as a unique and astonishing show and make customers show fans. The marketing strategy objective should be that each customer that goes to see a Cirque du Soleil show return to the next show every three years, even if the ticket is expensive.

4. Regarding innovation and creativity, what are the important ideas that emerge from this case? Name them and develop them. We can say that Cirque du Soleil has been innovative and that its creativity has no limits, since every new show is different than the one before. Each customer can go several times in his or her life to see Cirques shows and it will find different things in every new one. So we can say that Cirque du soleil has creativity and innovation.

5. What are the challenges to Cirques continued growth and/or diversification? The challenges are to diversify in other types of products, also that the industry is turning more a business than an artistic industry and the owners do not want this to happen. Another challenge is that competition in this market is growing, and this means that Cirque du Soleil needs to be more creative than ever in order to maintain its customers.
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