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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Fellow countrymen, I stand before you today, to present my job application details, for the highest office on land. Citizens of America, today stands a man who is willing to sacrifice his self ambitions, a man who is willing to lay off his personal plans and embrace those of the state, a man who is willing to sacrifice his self esteem on the alter of criticism and a man who is able to lead this country to heights unprecedented before.

Indeed, this man stands before you today and passes on his application details unto you, to be evaluated and approved if you so feel that he qualify beyond any reasonable doubts to become the fiftieth president of the United States of America. You may be asking yourselves why is this man, so tender in age and so inexperienced in leadership vying for this office? Citizens of our homeland, you will agree with me that leadership is God endowed. I want to state before you today that it is not because of the power that comes with leadership than makes me vie for this office, neither is it because of any monetary gains or honors.

I stand to campaign for the presidency of this country because of the heart of service and allegiance I have for our great nation. In my heart, I hold big dreams that will assist in the economic development and technological advancement of our great nation. Just as one of our greatest reformers in history, Martin Luther King Jr. stood before an electrified crowd that was almost the same size with the one gathered today and declared, I have a dream, I too want to state before all of you listening to me today that I have a dream!

I have a dream that through my presidency, the freedom that our forefathers once fought to preserve will remain intact. I have a dream that the unity of the reformers like Martin Luther shall be preserved and I have a dream that one day we shall look back and be proud of this defining moment (Martin 1963). Let us not forget that America has always been a free nation and will always be known to the world for its freedom, peace and sovereignty. My presidency will not only enforce the virtues that America stands for but will also create a platform where every man, woman and child can have a dream and fulfill their dreams.

Fellow country men, our country has come from far. We have fought many wars. From the American revolutionary war fought between 1775 and 1782 against the largest empire in the world (historycentral. com 2009) to the war against terrorism that begun in 2003, America has always proved victorious. What does this prove to you fellow countrymen? It shows that America has been and will always be destined for victory. No situation will ever change this. We are a victorious nation! I stand as a man who like our forefathers, will preserve these victories even with my own life if necessary should you elect me as the fiftieth president of this nation.

I stand here as a man who will make America even more victorious if given the opportunity to become its head of state by the electorate. However, as we boast of our victory in far and near battlefields, as we testify on the strength of our armies, we must remember the economic wars that still stand to pose great challenges to us. The great depression of 1929 was the worst of all of them. Even though it lasted for only ten years, it left house holds devastated. 25000 banks fell with no likelihood of ever rising again. We must also remember that it was through the election of the skilled democrat leader, President Franklin D.

Roosevelt that the war against this depression was fought and eventually won (Cary 2009). Currently, with the recessions of the stock markets and increase in the debt ratio, we, the todays generation, stand at the threshold of another depression like that of the 1929. There exists unemployment as never seen before since the times of the great depression and the value of stocks is rapidly falling. You will agree with me my dear country men that these are sad times for our great nation. However, you should not look at the recent troubles without hope.

I want to assure you that if elected as the president, I will do all in my power to ensure that the history of depression does not repeat itself. We must stand together as a nation and win this war. You must always bear in mind that extra ordinary circumstances require extra ordinary solutions. I present myself today as the extraordinary solution for the current extraordinary circumstances our great nation is going through in the present age. On the same tune, I want to state that my fellow brother who is also a runner in this race Mr. Willis Brown has always questioned my integrity to rule this country.

Mr. Willis has often cited my tenderness of age and inexperience in governance as the reason as to why I should not be allowed to ascend to the highest office on land. As you all know, I have been silent on this matter all this time for I felt that under no circumstances, should a leader with integrity such as me trade accusations with him. However, today as I make my last appeal for the office of the president, I want to settle the matter once and for all and state my case. Fellow countrymen, as you are all aware, it is not by the advancement of age that a country is ruled.

You are also aware that it is not by the strength of the muscles that such a battle as this is fought. Leadership is seen through the policies and the ideas one has to offer for this great nation. Even if Mr. Willis was to succeed in discrediting my fitness for presidency and I was to fail in my quest, my great ideas for this nation will never die. Remember that as John F. Kennedy once stated, A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. ( brainyquote. com 2009) My ideas will never be killed! Dont tell me I am too young to rule.

Tell me that my policies and ideas for this country are wrong. Dont tell me that I am inexperienced. Tell me that the presidency seat was never meant for the young and the vibrant. Fellow countrymen, I know that with your help and with the help of God, I, Franklin Carole, will surely become the fiftieth president of the United States of America. What Ideas do I have for this country? We note great with pride that our country has been the bedrock of the world economy over the years. We note with great pride that our country has been the home to scientific discoveries and inventions.

When a time came for man to travel beyond the horizons of the world, it was America that ensured that the first of Adams race stepped on the surface of the moon. Indeed, in 1969, history was made when Apollo 11, a space craft under the command of Neil Armstrong became the first of its kind to land on the surface of the moon and as the first manned lunar landing mission (Lyndon 1993). Fellow countrymen, on that day, we watched with awe and wonder as one of our very own sons became the first man to step on the surface of the moon and lay the first footsteps there.

It is from that time that we realized that America was a land where nothing could be considered impossible, a land where all had an equal opportunity to become what they wanted to be and a land that no other land can ever be compared to. To this land, great men endowed with great leadership skills have been born. From the first president of this country George Washington who took oath of office in 1789 to the time of Barack Obama, the first black president of this nation (Whitehouse. gov 2009), to these times that I now stand to become the fiftieth president, these sons of ours have served our nation with their lives.

They have led our country in times of peace and in times of war, in easy times and in times of hardship, in times of scarcity and in times of plenty. Some have served for just a month while others have served for over twelve years. They were loyal men who were not afraid to lay down their lives for the sake of our prosperity. They were courageous men who did not fear the assassins gun. They were devoted to duty despite criticism and they were honest to their country in all they did. It is to the list of these men that I desire to belong.

It is to the works of these men that I desire to add and it is to their unaccomplished dreams that I hope to accomplish only if you, fellow countrymen offer unto me that mandate. What do I have to offer at my tender age? Issues of education have been neglected for too long. Teachers are poorly paid and thus do not take the art of imparting knowledge to their students seriously. Some of our higher learning centers lack the proper equipments and finances to carry out research for the advancement of technology.

Fellow countrymen, we must note that education is the only bridge that is left for the maintenance of our economic prosperity and success. We need to produce men and women from our educational systems who will not only be ready to fill in the vacant positions in our country but are fit to work and become competent on global levels. It is for this reason that when elected, my government plans to remove all tax paid by teachers and increase the government spending on education by fifty percent from its current standings. We realize that all of us passed through the hands of a teacher.

We will ensure that we put in place machinations to ensure that teachers salaries are thus reviewed upwards to cater for their needs and boost their morales as they shape the future leaders of this nation. Terrorism is also a real threat to this country. From September 11th when the twin towers were brought down by terrorists, our country has never been the same again and our people have never felt safe. What can we do? Are we helpless when it comes to terrorism? Fellow countrymen, I want to tell you that America has means and ways to deal with terrorism.

It is sad that while this country bleeds, the current government has forgotten its call to protect the citizens of America. As the president, I will deal with terrorist in a manner that will ensure that they will never again attack our lands. I will employ measures that due to security reasons, can not be mentioned here. This mechanisms, will use all our technologies and manpower to ensure that America remain free from terrorism. We understand that America can never be America without its citizens and it is in our interest to ensure that the citizens are safe.

Fellow countrymen, like I earlier stated, employment has become an elusive matter in our nation. When a nation can no longer employ those whom it has educated, it is creating insecurity within itself. We as the new government will therefore direct for the expansion of industries to create more employment opportunities. We will also create an investor friendly platform and lay out a framework where all that are willing to invest and become self employed can get the profits from their labors.

We will support the workers union and their fight for better working conditions for their members. We will support the retired men and women. We appreciate the fact that that they have given unrelenting services for this great nation and. We shall ensure that their retirement benefits are accorded to them in time and also add to them bonuses based on the amount of years that they worked. As I end my humble plea for your endorsement of my presidential ambitions, I want to remember the many that have taken their times and forgone other opportunities just to be here.

I also remember those who have traveled with me throughout my campaign trails and have offered both financial and moral support until this final campaign. In a special way, I also wish to thank my wife Mary for the encouragement she gave me. I am forever grateful to all of you and to the American nation for giving me this chance to practice my democratic right. Fellow country men, though the campaigns end today, the journey continues. We today stand a chance to make history, to rectify the mistakes that we have done in the past and to ensure that America is stronger and better.

Citizens of America, let us not be weary of fighting for better living conditions, let us not be weary of upholding the values of our constitutions. Let us not be weary of treating each other as brothers and sisters. Even after the elections are past and gone, we shall still remain citizens of this great nation. We have come from far. We are going still going far. These elections will be the landmark of the better future yet to come. For those who will vote for me, I want to tell you thank you for believing in my policies. For those who will vote for my opponent, I still appreciate you for practicing your democratic right.

For those who will not vote at all, I want to challenge you to know that you are held accountable for not helping in shaping the political landscape of your nation. We are all Americans, we all belong to America and one day when we shall have all gone, America shall still remain with our children and grandchildren as its rightful inheritor. Let us take this time to change America for the benefit of the future generations by voting for me as the fiftieth president of this country. Never forget that when history will one day be written down, your works today will always be remembered and told on to the future generations.

Fellow countrymen, I want to urge you not to meditate upon the words of George Santayana when he once stated that, Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it(George 2009). God bless you all and God bless America. Works Cited Brainyquote. com John F. Kennedy Quotes, 2009, sourced on 28th April 2009: http://www. brainyquote. com/quotes/authors/j/john_f_kennedy. html Historycentral. com, Americas Wars, A complete History, 2009, Sourced On 28th April 2009: http://www. historycentral. com/wars. html Johnson, Lyndon B. , Neil A. Armstrong, 1993, sourced on 28th April 2009: http://www.jsc. nasa. gov/Bios/htmlbios/armstrong-na. html King, Martin Luther, I Have a Dream Address at March on Washington August 28, 1963.

Available: http://www. mlkonline. net/dream. html Nelson, Cary, About the Great Depression, 2009, sourced on 28th April 2009: http://www. english. illinois. edu/maps/depression/about. htm Santayana, George, Quotations, 2009, sourced on 28th April 2009: http://www. quotationspage. com/subjects/history/ Whitehouse. gov, George Washington, 2009, sourced on 28th April 2009: http://www. whitehouse. gov/about/presidents/georgewashington/

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