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Born in Paris, France, Claude Monet began to develop as a young and inspiring artist in the town of Le Havre. After briefly serving in the military, Monet returned to Paris and continued to explore different forms of art, as well as, developing friendships with painters including Edouard Manet, Frederic Bazille, and Auguste Renoir. After marrying his wife, Camille in 1870, the two were constantly traveling until they settled in Argenteuil, where Monet produced his most famous and well-known works (Claude).

Unlike in Monets previous works of smooth blended surfaces, he was beginning to move away from his past and began to use short brushstrokes to create a painting with individual lively colors. Contrasting with other traditional landscape artists of his day, Claude Monet based his art on perceptual rather than conceptual knowledge (Claude). Moving away from his previous artwork, Monet became progressively more modern than ever before. The artists characteristic of brushwork and use of color is shown in Claude Monets Bathing at La Grenouillere.

Monets use of brushwork in Bathing at La Grenouillere reflects his artistic expression of characters (Monet). The painting captures an outdoors scenery. The vigorous brushwork of the painting represents the various scenes shown throughout the painting. Monet rejected traditional, smooth brushwork¦instead; his varied handling helps to evoke the actual natural textures (Januszczak). The brushwork in Bathing at La Grenouillere is distinguishable and an individual can tell the difference between each hair on the brush (Januszczak).

Brisk brushwork creates the impression of an apparent texture that Monet uses to create nature scenes. The use of bold brushwork throughout Bathing at La Grenouillere suggests that, His brushwork is strongly descriptive, catching the character of different forms. Long unbroken strokes outline the boats, short horizontal daubs indicate the foreground water, abrupt jabs are used for flowers and foliage (Januszczak). The brushwork captures the depth of every character/ object seen in the painting and their overall significance.

The depth of the water increasingly shows the constant short brushstrokes that Monet uses. By using short and abrupt brushwork, Monet easily depicts the basic, yet crucial details of the painting. The brushwork that Monet uses allows for an easy but deep interpretation of the carefully thought out painting. Similarly, the apparent use of various colors in Bathing at La Grenouillere demonstrate Monets artistic stand on color. Claude Monet begins to create paintings that consist of a variety of different colors bringing vibrancy to even the darkest nature scenes (Claude).

In the painting, Monet uses a variety of colors to portray the significant details of different characters and scenes illustrated. In Bathing at La Grenouillere, Monet uses familiar colors that he typically paints with to portray a natural nature scene (Januszczak). The familiar colors that Monet uses allows for each object of the painting to be distinguished and interpreted thoroughly. Vermillion, one of the few traditional colors used by Monet, has been identified virtually pure in the red flowers on the left, and mixed with other colors elsewhere (Januszczak).

Although Monet uses many of his common colors in this painting, many of his typical colors seem to be mixed together to produce a deeper, richer tone to create a fuller effect of the painting (Januszczak). The way that Monet uses both bright and dark tones in Bathing at La Grenouillere creates contrasts between the various scenes of the painting allowing for an individual to freely understand the depiction. The use of color in the painting does not create a dark tone but more of a rich, softer, and meaningful one. The classical colors that Monet utilizes depict the calm daily lives of the individuals represented in the painting.

Through a combination of brushwork and the use of a wide variety of colors, Claude Monet reveals the key nature scene illustrated in Bathing at La Grenouillere. The elements Monet uses to depict the scenery in this painting give an insightful meaning about life in Croissy, France. The painting shows the critical depth of texture in nature and the soft colors needed to portray the daily lives of individuals. The peaceful and calming nature scene of the painting allows for the viewer to have a simplistic insight of the painting, while being pulled into a city of beauty.

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